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Best Resume Formats for
Seasonal Work

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Resume Formats for Seasonal Work

Retail icon Macy’s is hiring 80,000 seasonal workers. Courier UPS announced 95,000 job openings for the winter season. Target is hiring 100,000 holiday workers. What does this mean for you? You have the opportunity to snag a seasonal job, but you’d better act fast.

Seasonal jobs are competitive. To find a good one, you’ll have to apply early and submit outstanding application materials. Read our list of tips and tricks (and check it twice!) Then, peruse holiday openings at a variety of companies, and read our resume and cover letter tips to be sure you make the cut during holiday hiring season.

Who’s Hiring for Seasonal Jobs?


The outlook is promising for those seeking seasonal jobs. Amazon will add 100,000 regular jobs to its rosters by 2018, which is coming up soon. Last year, Amazon created more than 120,000 seasonal jobs in its U.S. sortation, fulfillment, and customer service departments, and the company’s holiday hiring outlook seems promising. Create your Amazon resume now.

Best Buy

With drones and the new iPhone 8 at the top of everyone’s holiday wish list, Best Buy will be a busy place this holiday season. A leading retailer of electronics, the company hasn’t released firm seasonal hiring numbers. However, it was reported that the company began hiring for seasonal jobs in its U.S. markets. Create your Best Buy resume now.


This year, the Miracle on 34th Street retailer is reinforcing its permanent staff with more than 80,000 seasonal jobs. And it’s not just at the iconic Manhattan location – holiday hiring is happening at Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s locations across the U.S., as well as in the company’s fulfillment centers, and in seasonal jobs related to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and other special events. Create your Macy’s resume now.

Home Depot

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Home Depot. The home improvement retailer hasn’t yet announced holiday hiring numbers for 2017, but its robust summer hiring boom is encouraging. The home and garden retailer announced last spring a plan to hire 80,000 new employees to help during its other busy season – summer. Create your Home Depot resume now.


Those looking to hit the bullseye and land seasonal jobs should hit Target this season. The retailer is increasing its hiring for seasonal jobs by 43% this year. Those numbers work out to about 55 seasonal workers each to its U.S.brick-and-mortar retail locations and distribution centers. Create your Target resume now.


Forget Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, and Vixen; the real way holiday gifts get where they need to go is via UPS. But being Santa’s right-hand man isn’t a cushy gig; last year the company found itself short-staffed. In response, the courier company has plans to fill roughly 95,000 seasonal jobs to handle holiday deliveries this season. Create your UPS resume now.


Whether delivering Christmas fruitcakes or dreidels made of clay, FedEx never messes around during the holidays. The service announced plans to hire for more than 50,000 seasonal jobs to meet delivery demands during the holidays. Most of FedEx’s seasonal jobs will be in it’s “Ground,” or package shipping, division and will pay $12-16 per hour. Create your Fedex resume now.

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Who’s Hiring for Seasonal Jobs?

Why is this Resume Perfect for Applying for Seasonal Jobs?

1. A header that includes contact information is critical on any resume. Consider making your name slightly larger than the other text and using a ruled line for emphasis. Turn your email address into a live link in your resume if you are submitting it in a Word document.

2. Despite being a full-time elementary school teacher, this applicant customized her professional summary for her seasonal jobs application, making the skills and experience that will be important to retailers front-and-center and easy to find.

3. Jessica incorporated both hard and soft skills into her skills section. Blending the two shows a hiring manager that she has both the technical skills and the demeanor for a holiday sales associate role.

4. Throughout the document, Jessica uses action words to describe her skills and achievements. Doing so will help her stand out to a busy recruiter who is reading dozens of emails every day.

5. This jobseeker makes it clear that her past retail experience includes two past holiday jobs. This serves two purposes: It shows off her experience working for well-known retailers and makes clear that these roles were temporary positions.

6. Jessica incorporated her stellar sales record into her resume, which is a great idea. Adding numbers and data to your resume will catch the eye of an employer who wants to know that their seasonal hires have what it takes to succeed.

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Seasonal Jobs: 6 Ideas to Consider

There are more seasonal jobs available that just working as a holiday sales associate. Take a look at some other seasonal jobs that you might not have considered.

Christmas Tree Lot Attendant: If you love sales but can’t stand being cooped up all day, consider applying for a seasonal job at Christmas tree lots might be for you. At retailers like Home Depot, Christmas tree lot attendants help customers choose and wrap the perfect tree and then load it onto their vehicle. Choose one of our retail resume examples to apply.

Ski Resort Worker: Whether you want to be a ski instructor, a ski lift operator, or want to do ski equipment rentals, seasonal jobs don’t all revolve around the holidays.

Seasonal Cashier: Ring up the purchases of all of Santa’s helpers as a seasonal cashier. From retail to restaurants, these positions require the ability to make change and be friendly. Take a peek at our cashier resume examples to say cha-ching to one of these seasonal jobs.

Snowplow Operator: If you have a license, a clean driving record, and love the cold weather, you might consider getting one of the many seasonal jobs being offered to snowplow drivers. Don’t have a license? Other opportunities exist for seasonal snow shovelers who help keep sidewalks clear for pedestrians.

Seasonal Restaurant Work: From servers to bartenders, to host/hostess positions, restaurants often have open seasonal jobs to meet the demand of an influx of customers. Snag one of these holiday jobs by creating a restaurant resume.

Seasonal Stock Associate: Most retailers will be hiring seasonal stock associates to help meet the demand of keeping the store shelves full and online orders fulfilled. In this behind-the-scenes retail position, workers receive and unload stock, unpack merchandise, and in some cases prepare online orders for shipment.

10 Tips for Updating Your Seasonal Resume & Cover Letter

There are some resume and cover letter tips that are specific to applying for seasonal work. We’ve put together a list below. However, don’t forget: regardless of whether you are applying for seasonal jobs or full-time work, proofreading your application documents is critical. One typo or a single grammatical error can knock you out of the race. There’s no room for error on this point, especially for seasonal jobs that employers fill quickly. Your application materials have to be perfect the first time and every time. Proofread your work several times and then have a trusted friend do the same.

Tips for Writing a Resume for Seasonal Jobs


Personalize your resume to the job

Whether you are a jobseeker applying for seasonal jobs to supplement your income or you are new to the workforce and want to get your foot in the door, personalizing your resume is an important step in landing the holiday job you want.

Pay attention to the skills and experience requirements listed in the job ad. Customize your resume to echo the wording used in the post. This will help your resume make it past an applicant tracking system and on the desk of a human hiring manager.


Shuffle your skills

If you are currently working in a field that is different that the seasonal jobs you are eyeing, you should consider reorganizing your skills section to put your seasonal jobs skills up top. This means pushing your holiday job skills up to the top of the list to make it easy for hiring managers to find.

So, while you may spend your days as an elementary school teacher, when you are applying for seasonal retail work, for example, put skills like experience with POS systems, customer service, and a friendly demeanor front and center.


Group your work experience

An employer hiring for seasonal jobs likely won’t care to see your entire work history, so consider reorganizing your experience to better strut your stuff. If you currently hold a full-time position, add that at the top. Next, list the temp, holiday, or other seasonal jobs you’ve held over the years, either beneath your current role or under a separate header.

This will allow an employer to see that you have relevant experience at-a-glance. Also, always clearly label your past seasonal jobs as “seasonal” or “holiday” so that recruiters don’t think you’ve jumped from job to job.


Choose the right resume format

Especially if you have little or no past work experience, choosing a functional or combination resume format is probably a good idea. Chronological resume formats list a candidate’s work experience by date, starting with the most recent job title.

If you have limited experience, the classic chronological format will showcase this fact. Instead, try one of the following:

Functional Resume

Applicants new to the job market, those who have held many seasonal jobs, or those with gaps in their work history, may want to opt for a functional resume.

Recent graduates who use functional resumes can emphasize all the skills and technical know-how they’ve attained without broadcasting that their work experience is limited and this format allows professionals with diverse career paths to highlight transferrable skills they’ve developed across fields.

Combination Resume

The combination, or hybrid, resume format is ideal for younger workers or recent graduates who have attained a wide range of skills but who have a relatively short work history.

For those looking to enter a new field or who are applying for seasonal jobs, this format emphasizes your achievements and transferrable skills so that hiring managers can quickly discern whether you are qualified for the role.


Choose the right resume format

An employer hiring for seasonal jobs likely won’t care to see your entire work history, so consider reorganizing your experience to better strut your stuff. If you currently hold a full-time position, add that at the top. Next, list the temp, holiday, or other seasonal jobs you’ve held over the years, either beneath your current role or under a separate header.

This will allow an employer to see that you have relevant experience at-a-glance. Also, always clearly label your past seasonal jobs as “seasonal” or “holiday” so that recruiters don’t think you’ve jumped from job to job.

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Tips for Writing a Resume for Seasonal Jobs


Choose the right resume format

There may be 12 days of Christmas, but recruiters won’t even spend 12 seconds reviewing your cover letter before deciding whether to interview you.

Bring the skills and experience the employer asks in the job ad into the top third of your letter. Cover letters should always be less than a page and should have three main components: an introduction paragraph, one or two short paragraphs of body copy, and a conclusion.


Make your expectations clear

Applicants who indicate that they are expecting – or even hoping for – full-time work might be eliminated from the running for seasonal jobs. In your cover letter, make it clear that you understand that the role is temporary and short-term.


Echo the language of the job ad

AIf an employer is seeking a friendly seasonal worker with experience using point-of-sale systems, use the same language in your cover letter. This will help recruiters to see right away that you have the qualities they seek.

For example, if you are applying for a seasonal warehouse inventory management role, for example, focus the body of your cover letter on examples of your past warehouse jobs by pulling words and phrases directly out of the job ad.


Find the name of the hiring manager

If there is no contact name listed in the job ad, use LinkedIn to find the name of the hiring manager at the business you are hoping to land a seasonal job. Using generic greetings like, “To Whom It May Concern” can be seen as lazy. Show you are proactive and motivated by doing a little bit of research and making your best guess.


Use a professional cover letter builder

Especially if you aren’t confident in your writing abilities, using a professional cover letter builder can be a godsend when you need to quickly write and personalize multiple cover letters.

These builders will suggest ways to word your document and will help ensure that all the relevant information is addressed. Plus, most will point out spelling and grammar mistakes so that you know you are turning in a document that is free and clear of any errors.

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