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How to Write an Accounting Resume Education Section

As you learn how to write an accounting resume education section, you will see how important it is for your resume, even if you graduated years ago. Employers will want to look at your work history, but they also want to see if you have a degree or ongoing professional development training. Here, you can learn how to write an accounting resume education section that will improve your chances of getting hired.

What to Include in an Accounting Resume Education Section

It is not important to add your high school diploma or GED to this section unless you did not go to college. Avoid giving out your GPA unless you are a recent graduate. Your resume will look better by adding coursework that you completed and the major you were pursuing along with any classes that you took related to the job you are seeking. Include certifications and licenses in this section, or you may want to create a section just for them if you have a lot to display. It can be helpful to add classes that you are currently taking to better yourself, or you may want to add seminars or training courses that you have completed.

How to Format an Accounting Resume Education Section

Add your information in reverse chronological order to your accounting resume education section. You want to put which subjects you studied, where you attended school, the location of the school, and graduation dates—unless the graduation dates were long ago or cause a gap in the resume. If you are currently in school, write your anticipated graduation date or that your schooling is still in progress. If you are a new graduate, you should put this section at the top of your resume because it displays valuable academic information. If you have earned a strong work background, you may want to list that before your academics, in which case, you should add the education section to the bottom of your profile instead.

An example of a good Education Section is:

University of San Diego, San Diego, California
Bachelor of Science Degree, Accounting, 2012
Folgers School of Business, Duke University, Durham, NC
Master of Business Administration
Certified Public Accounting, California, #11111|


As you learn how to write an accounting resume, you will see how valuable the education section is. Use MyPerfectResume’s Resume Builder to have an impressive resume created for you in minutes.