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How to Write an Accounting Resume Honors and Awards Section

An honors and awards section is designed to showcase in an easy-to-read format your key accomplishments throughout your career. However, you Don’t want to add it to your resume unless you have enough awards and honors to make it worth the reader’s time to check it out. Hiring managers and employers are going to be quickly looking over many resumes when they are trying to find the right candidate, so check out why and how you can perfect your accounting resume honors and awards section.

Should You Include an Accounting Resume Honors and Awards Section

As you learn how to write an accounting resume honors and awards section, you will see that it’s not right for everyone. it’s useless to add this section unless you have at least three honors to discuss. The reasoning behind this is that you Don’t want to waste valuable resume space, so if you have less than three awards, you can add them to another section of your resume. For instance, if you increased sales by 30 percent last year, but that’s your only accomplishment, it’s all right to put this with the job it pertains to in the experience section.

If you have many meaningful honors that relate to accounting, be sure to add them. This eye-catching section can help you showcase qualities that your employer may require. You can talk about your perfect attendance records, awards or major promotions, and any impressive metric data, such as increased savings or sales. This will aid your employer in the search for the best contender for his or her job opening.

How to Format an Accounting Resume Honors and Awards Section

It’s easy to learn how to write an accounting resume honors and awards section that will stand out from others. Before the experience section, use the same format for headers to list your accomplishments with bullet points. These should be three or more notable details. The more metric data you have, the better this section will be.

Keep in mind that you Don’t have to add every award that you have ever won. An extremely long list can take away from your most significant awards. Be sure to add the type of achievement you earned, who gave it to you, and the date it was given to allow employers to see why and when you were given this honor.

Example of an Accounting Resume Honors and Awards Section

Summer Accounting Promotion Winner for Bell Enterprises in 2015
23-time winner of Top Agent of the Month at Bell Enterprises from 2010 to present
Volunteer of the Year for Reeds County in 2011
Increased product sales by 12% from 2014 to 2015


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