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How to Write an Accounting Resume Skills Section

The smart employer knows each and every skill an employee has adds value to the organization, and the broader the candidate’s skill set, the more valuable he or she is. This is just one reason why the skills section of your resume is going to be all-important, especially in the accounting industry, which, depending on the position and company, can require a specific set of skills that align with general industry practices and knowing local regulations as well as company qualifications. Without a well-written accounting resume skills section, you run the risk of an employer skipping right over your submission.

Should You Include a Skills Section in Your Accounting Resume?

While you’re certainly under no obligation to include an accounting resume skills section, we can’t imagine why a candidate wouldn’t. If you want the best job, the best salary and to work at the best company, you most likely don’t stand a chance without letting potential employers know about your skills. Also, accounting is one of the largest and most significant professions in the world. You can find a member of this industry in pretty much any corner of commerce, because without accounting, no business, large or small, can estimate, manage or forecast its company’s fiscal strength. With that stature, top accountants are some of the best paid professionals in most regions. This fact makes accounting an extremely competitive field.

What to Include in an Accounting Resume Skills Section

Knowledge is power, and relevancy is king. When it comes to your skills section and accounting, nothing could be truer. Be sure you use brief phrases without periods at the end, that your list includes keywords and phrases common to the industry and that you have three to four items for each column, but no more than seven to eight for each column.
When it comes to compiling your accounting resume skills section, use a combination of hard and soft skills, targeting everything toward the job and company to which you are applying. While it’s certainly good to know your accounting acumen includes Intuit and QuickBooks, stating you know Microsoft Word isn’t really impressive, because everyone knows Microsoft Word. Examples of the top five skills important in accounting include:

  • Organizational skills, in order to show you can work with a range of financial documents
  • Communication skills, to listen to your employer’s concerns and discuss your findings
  • Detail oriented, especially while compiling and examining documentation
  • Math skills, to properly interpret facts and figures
  • Analytical skills, to spot issues in documentation and recommend solutions

Example of an Accounting Resume Skills Section

Structure your accounting resume skills section using columns, if you are going to have more than five or six entries. Make it a nice mix of hard skills and soft skills that will matter to the reader. Bullet lists aren’t necessary. Place it either directly below your summary or objective. If you’re not using either, then place the skills summary directly below contact information.

An example of a good Accounting Resume Skills Section is:

NetSuite Accounting
Microsoft Excel
ERP Systems

Financial Analysis & Projection
Budget & Planning
Project & Inventory Management
Standard Cost Analysis
Trend Analysis
Research & Presentation
Staff Management


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