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How to Write an Administration & Office Support Resume Work Experience Section

An administration & office support resume work experience section demonstrates all the accomplishments you have taken on in your previous jobs. Communicating your achievements is necessary to show a hiring manager that you will make an excellent addition to the team.

What to Include in an Administration & Office Support Resume Work Experience Section

Your work experience section should begin with your current or most recent employment, volunteer position or internship and work backwards for up to 20 years. Each experience should detail how you accomplished a specific task. You should also include any quantifiable figures, such as how many staff members were on your team, how much inventory you managed, the volume of documents you processed daily, the number and type of departments you supported and any other statistics related to the position. This information is helpful for hiring managers, as it demonstrates the type of workload you are used to handling. Finally, you can also show how you put your certifications and training to use in your former positions.

How to Format an Administration & Office Support Resume Work Experience Section

For starters, always use present tense when referring to your current position, and use past tense when referring to positions you held previously. You should also use bullets instead of paragraphs. First, list the title of the position you fulfilled, followed by the name of the company, the location of the company, and the dates during which you worked. Next, include between five and eight bullet points describing your duties, responsibilities and accomplishments in the role. Make sure that you start off each point with a strong verb. It should not start with a phrase like “responsible for.”

Example of an Administration & Office Support Resume Work Experience Section

Administrative Assistant – L.A. Talent Agency, Los Angeles, CA – 2010-Present

  • Coordinate meetings between clients, talent and management on a weekly basis.
  • Facilitate monthly domestic and international travel.
  • Communicate with company president to ensure business standards.
  • Establish and meet short- and long-term goals regularly.
  • Spearhead training for six administrative staff members on office procedures and policies.
  • Answer questions from talent and assist applicants with paperwork.
  • Input all paperwork into a database of talent.
    Office Coordinator – L.A. Foods, Los Angeles, CA – 2008-2010
  • Coordinated weekly meetings with clients and vendors.
  • Managed all general phone and email inquires from vendors and clients.
  • Provided administrative support for accounting, sales, marketing and operations.
  • Processed I18 contracts on a weekly basis.
  • Managed inventory database.
  • Collaborated with CEO and sales team on new front-line customer service initiative.
  • Scanned, filed and distributed HR and inventory paperwork.


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