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How to Write an Administration & Office Support Resume Skills Section

An administration and office support resume will generally include a number of skills and duties within your work experience section, but you may want to create a separate section to include some of the more specific office skills you have. Many people skip using this type of section or include a list of some simple qualifications at the top of the page. Adding a dedicated administration & office support skills section gives hiring managers a brief list of the skills you have that you can use on the job.

Should You Include a Skills Section in Your Administration & Office Support Resume?

While some people say you should skip using a skills section, others believe it is almost mandatory. You may want to include one when you’re looking for your first office job, you have limited experience in administration jobs or if you recently graduated from school. You can usually get away without using a skills section if you worked in one or more office jobs in the past, or if you have administration experience you clearly describe under your work experiences. If you have little to no experience, you need an administration & office support skills section that shows how some of the skills you obtained in other positions will help you as you transition into an office job.

What to Include in an Administration & Office Support Resume Skills Section

One issue you might have is with deciding where to incorporate your top skills. Your work experience sections may focus more on qualifications and how you helped employers in previous jobs. Be careful not to include a simple list of duties in that section as this can make employers look elsewhere. Include skills you gained in previous jobs and skills you developed while working in volunteer positions or skills. Keep your phrases short without using periods at the end, include at least three to four items for each column, and refrain from listing more than seven or eight for each column.
Some administration skills employers may want to see on your resume include:

  • Any familiarity you have with specific computer programs
  • Your ability to work effectively with clients or customers
  • Customer service skills you gained
  • Basic duties that you can do around the office
  • Whether you feel comfortable making coffees, scheduling workers and doing other basic tasks
Example of an Administration & Office Support Resume Skills Section

An administration & office support resume skills section example, like the one listed below, provides with a clear outline that you can follow when adding one to your resume.
Professional Skills

  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe PhotoShop and other computer programs
  • Light cleaning and janitorial work, including cleaning break rooms and washing dishes
  • Doing filing, answering phone calls, responding to emails and other office work
  • Greeting clients immediately and making guests feel comfortable
  • Professional demeanor when acting as the public face of a company


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