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How to Write an Administration & Office Support Resume Summary Statement

Considered to be the successor to the now retired resume objective, the resume summary is a short, two- to three-sentence collection of concise sentences that summarize your experience and skills. The summary statement belongs at the top resume to provide potential employers with a quick snapshot of you. When worded correctly, it is an irreplaceable addition to an administration & office support resume, as it ties together your myriad past jobs.

What to Include in an Administration & Office Support Resume Summary Statement

  • Include specific skills and traits, such as organizational work and appointment scheduling.
  • Mention distinct personality traits you have that would help you succeed in this career path, like attention to detail or organizational skills.
  • While you do want to add expertise, the rest of your resume will demonstrate this, so keep specifics short and concise.
  • Sum up everything with the industry in which you seek to work and the role you seek to have.

While there are specific aspects general resume summaries should include, your personal work experience background will directly affect how this summary looks. If, for instance, you previously worked only in customer service but aim to land an administrative position, think of a few examples where you had to manage your coworkers and not customers. Something like organizing a work retreat would be perfect.

How to Format an Administration & Office Support Resume Summary Statement

This paragraph should be at the top of your resume, just below your personal information, and run no longer than four to six lines, which is usually about three to five sentences. Sentence fragments are acceptable. The statement’s purpose is to inform the potential employer of your experience, skills, value and your goals. If you have a varied work history or are trying to break into administration & office support, the purpose then becomes to convince the potential employer that though you’ve never had this specific position, you have all of the qualifications necessary to flourish.

Tips for Writing an Administration & Office Support Resume Summary Statement

  • Ask yourself what the company is looking for in a good hire. Knowing this will help you distill your information into a short paragraph that grabs a company’s attention.
  • Determine the type of assistance they’ll require most from you. Legal secretaries, for instance, need a strong vocabulary and handle on procedures whereas executive secretaries must be personable and master the art of scheduling.
  • Highlight any expertise you have directly related to the job you are applying for to provide evidence for your abilities.
  • Be sure to write your summary in first-person and use sentence fragments when necessary.
Example of an Administration & Office Support Resume Summary Statement

Highly respected administration assistant well-versed in running large offices. Excellent scheduling, management and relationship building skills. History of improving productivity output of all executives while promoting healthy office culture. Extremely organized and skilled communicator. Seeking specialized assistant role to single executive in fast-paced environment.


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