Agriculture & Environment

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How to Write an Agriculture & Environment Resume Work Experience Section

No matter how skilled you are or who you know, you won?t have much luck getting an interview without a well-written work experience section. Readers make split-second decisions about your job history and credentials, so you want to stack the deck in your favor. Your agriculture & environment resume work experience section should give hiring managers a thorough understanding of your background as well as the confidence to trust you with their operation.

What to Include in an Agriculture & Environment Resume Work Experience Section

Are you studied in the preservation of natural resources, or do you know the best ways to transport hazardous materials? Whether your expertise is farming or zoology, your goal is to prove your value and quickly express how your experiences give you an edge over the other candidates. One of the biggest and most common mistakes people make is to list general job duties, thinking hiring managers will be impressed. If you want to convey your actual job performance, you need to detail those techniques you used for well monitoring, quantify your results from soil sampling and explain how you utilize your understanding of EPA regulations and engineering. Ultimately, you should use your agriculture & environment resume work experience section to show how you solve problems, lead without invitation and keep operations and projects on point.

How to Format an Agriculture & Environment Resume Work Experience Section

Your work history should include names of employers, the location of each company, your titles and the beginning and end dates (month and year) of each job. Be sure to follow each header with a bulleted list of actions rather than a paragraph, and list your jobs in reverse chronological order. Unless you are unemployed, the first job on the list should be in present tense. The list should include between five and eight bullets, and you should start each one with a strong action verb as opposed to ?responsible for? or other generic phrases. Finally, be sure to include any success stories and quantifiable results, and don?t go back more than 20 years.

Example of an Agriculture & Environment Resume Work Experience Section

Environmental Manager , Longwood Environmental Research, New Cityland, CA November 2011 – Present

  • Lead and develop management strategies for over two-dozen major projects, including the Baumgarner oil project and the redevelopment of the Baldwin gas line.
  • Managed $4 million fund to preserve the Hopkins Bridge.
  • Implemented and monitored use of Compliance 360 to automate critical tasks for audit fieldwork, planning and reporting.
  • Restructured processes for documentation and reporting, significantly decreasing the use of paper and printing.
  • Point of contact for regulatory bodies, ensuring compliance with environmental laws.
  • Manage staff of 30, including engineers, architects and technicians.


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