Agriculture & Environment

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How to Write an Agriculture & Environment Resume Objective

The agriculture and environment industry is one of the largest in the world, currently employing somewhere in the vicinity of one billion people. This field does everything from manage croplands to establishing the best ways to sustain an inhabitable earth. If you’re looking for a job in this field, you need to know how to write an agriculture and environment resume objective or summary statement.
In today?s job market, employers are no longer impressed by a standalone resume objective. Presumably, the person reading your resume already knows what your objective is: to get a job with the company. Therefore, the resume summary statement is now the preferred introduction to the rest of the information contained in the resume, as it provides the reader an overview of your qualifications and experience.

How You Used to Write an Agriculture & Environment Resume Objective

Although in general resume objectives are out of fashion, they can be useful for jobseekers searching for a role with increased responsibility (such as a promotion to director or manager), those who are just beginning a career and looking for an entry-level position, and those who are changing careers. If you want to increase your chances of being considered, knowing how to write an agriculture and environment resume objective is critical. It means using content that?s relevant to the position, the company, the industry and specific operations.
Sample #1
Entry-Level Commercial Pest Control Tech fully knowledgeable in use of chemical application as well as federal, local and state regulations regarding pest control looking for a position with employer that will allow use of acquired skill set and encourage continuing career advancement.
Sample #2
EHS operative with a decade of experience in lean manufacturing and proficiency in 5S, as well as background in engineering, safety and environmental sciences, looking for position in a fast-paced and challenging environment.

How to Write an Agriculture & Environment Resume Summary Statement

Many job market experts would attest using an agriculture and environment resume objective is out of fashion, leaving the resume summary statement as a candidate?s best bet for highlighting his or her resume content. The resume summary statement can link disparate experiences and focus on transferable skills that are of use to a hiring manager. Think of the summary statement as a quick pitch you are making to the potential employer; use this section to convince the reader you are qualified and capable of doing the job.

  • Write your summary statement in paragraph form. Do not use first person, but do use strong verbs while avoiding passive voice.
  • It is okay to use sentence fragments in this section.
  • Keep your summary statement to between four and six lines, and provide an overview of your experience, a couple of major skill sets, and a few valuable personality traits.
Example of an Agriculture & Environment Resume Objective

Competent and efficient Agricultural Engineer with working knowledge of latest technology and science utilized to sustain biological resources. Specializes in the design and maintenance of power systems equipment and machinery used for crop storage and bioprocessing. Background includes research and development and project management.


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