Agriculture & Environment

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How to Write an Agriculture & Environment Resume Summary Statement

All great resumes begin with a solid resume summary statement. This short paragraph has taken the place of the objective statement as a way to purge redundancy from the start of the resume. Because it is a brief highlight reel of all of the reasons why you make the perfect candidate, your summary statement is absolutely essential for the creation of an agriculture & environment resume that grabs the attention of all potential employers.

What to Include in an Agriculture & Environment Resume Summary Statement

  • Discuss in concise, short sentences the skills and abilities your previous jobs have given you that will help you thrive in this potential position.
  • Mention success you?ve achieved in your field, and be sure you elaborate on this success later in the resume.
  • If you?ve worked jobs that aren?t specifically in the agriculture & environment industries, mention skills that transfer over from past jobs to the current position that would prove beneficial to the employer.

Remember that this paragraph will vary greatly based not only on your past experience but also on the needs of the job you are applying for. If, for instance, you are applying for an agricultural position and an environment position, your resume summaries for each will have to focus on crop know-how and ecosystem knowledge respectively.

How to Format an Agriculture & Environment Resume Summary Statement

Luckily, the formatting of your agriculture & environment resume summary statement won?t change. For every resume, it must be a paragraph of three to five sentences and four to six lines. Because you should avoid first person, sentence fragments are acceptable and often encouraged. As for its position, place it directly below your contact information and above everything else.

Tips for Writing an Agriculture & Environment Resume Summary Statement

As you go to piece together this highlight reel, consider these important questions.

  • What are your major selling points? If you want to sell yourself as an amazing hire, you need proof of your ability to do more than just the job you were assigned.
  • Where do your wants and the agriculture & environment industries? needs match up? While you don?t want to go for a position you?ll despise, you do need to accept the fact there will be aspects of your job you won?t enjoy. Find a happy medium.
  • What is the company looking for? The answer lies in determining what the business aims to achieve and what it needs in order to do so.
  • What would grab your attention if you were the hiring manager? Simply putting yourself in another?s shoes is enough to help you figure out what is both interesting and enticing.
Example of an Agriculture & Environment Resume Summary Statement

Seasoned agricultural worker well-versed in the seasonal and environmental needs of a wide variety of crops. Successful at managing farms in differing climates for years at a time and at maximizing profits through minimizing expenditures. Excellent at forming strong relationships with nearby farmers to foster prosperous alliances.


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