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How to Write an Automotive Resume Education Section

While some jobs in the automotive industry are those you can get right out of high school, others require that you have some type of formal training. If you want to work in a body shop or as a mechanic, you need an automotive resume education section that shows any of the training you have through a shop, vocational school or training program. Many managers of body shops and similar companies will only hire those who do not need any additional training.

What to Include in an Automotive Resume Education Section

Though you do not need to include your grade point average in an automotive resume education section if you aren’t a recent graduate, you might add it as a way to show hiring managers you understood the courses you took and developed some good skills in those recent classes. You can also use a high school diploma rather than an advanced degree or certificate if a diploma is your only education, and you can put down any programs you started but did not finish. If you are still in one of those programs, make sure you write either the anticipated year of your graduation or simply “in progress.” Under the education section is also an appropriate place to put any professional certificates you might have or specialized training programs you went through, or you can have a separate section for licenses and certification.

How to Format an Automotive Resume Education Section

Despite what you might think, there is an easy to follow format that you can use when building a new automotive resume education section, which should be listed at the top of your resume if it’s stronger than your overall amount of professional experience. This section will include a header followed by two short lines. The first of those lines features the name of your automotive school or training program and its location, while the second line shows when you finished and the type of program or degree you completed. Your education section should also feature a minimum of three lines with a bullet point in front. No matter how many lines you use, make sure each item you include fits with the job description, and that you go in chronological order.

Example of an Automotive Resume Education Section

The following example of an automotive resume education section shows you how to include your school, degree/certificate and other details:
Universal Technical Institute-Los Angeles, CA
Automotive Technology Training Program, 2012

  • Completed additional training programs in the maintenance and repairs of BMW and Porsche models.
  • Earned a certificate in automotive technology training.
  • Took courses on general maintenance and specialized repairs, including rotating tires and changing fluids inside cars, trucks and SUVs.
  • Graduated with the highest GPA in the class.
  • Took several classes on body repairs and body shop management.


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