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How to Write an Automotive Resume Objective

With the resume objective now being viewed as obsolete, deciding to use one has to be a serious consideration. For example, if you are new to the job market and searching for an entry-level position, it can still be a useful tool. Likewise, if you are changing careers or looking for a role with increased responsibility, using an automotive resume objective may still be acceptable. However, most employers today would prefer to see a resume summary statement. Such a statement is basically a quick presentation to the employer of your valuable skills and experience, and it is used to show the reader why he or she is wasting time reviewing other candidates. YOURS is the resume employers should read, and you’re the candidate they want to hire.

However, most employers today would prefer to see a resume summary statement.

How You Used to Write an Automotive Resume Objective

To do my best and give my all in everything that I do, I don’t like to do things halfway I always like to complete it or not do anything at all.

This is an actual resume objective, including the errors. Now, if an employer is looking for an expert in automotive sales who has experience interfacing with customers to establish their vehicle needs and options, to test drive vehicles and show features, and to accurately complete quotes, what does the above automotive resume objective tell the employer? Nothing.
Here are a couple of strong objectives.
Sample #1
Auto Sales Rep with 10+ years of experience interacting with customers, dealerships, body shops and vendors looking for a position that involves supporting customer needs and demonstrating vehicle options using a range of communication channels.
Sample #2
Automotive Technician who worked with BMW for seven years searching for a position with company that will allow continuous learning of standards and techniques to stay abreast of vehicle maintenance to provide high level of customer service.

How to Write an automotive resume summary statement

Even if you know how to write an automotive resume objective, you might consider turning it into an automotive resume summary statement instead. Some say summary statements are best for seasoned and experienced professionals. They establish where your career is going and target a unique sector of the automotive industry. Write your summary statement in paragraph form, using no more than five or six lines. Don’t use first person, but do use strong verbs and avoid the passive voice. Sentence fragments are acceptable. Include two or three of your most polished skill sets along with a couple of valuable personality traits, and provide a quick overview of your experience.

Example of an Automotive Resume Objective

Capable and experienced Automotive professional with background in automation script development ready to work with developers in the design and execution of Test Automation Strategy and Processes within GCCX-IT. With an eye toward the smarter car-sharing programs, has worked in environments that supported hundreds of thousands of vehicle transactions to change the game for the consumer, the industry and employer.


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