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How to Write an Automotive Resume Skills Section

It’s not always necessary to include a skills section in your resume. The information it contains may already be mentioned under work experience or past employer details, but in the automotive industry, specific skills that relate to the job may be of great interest to the hiring manager, so it gives you the opportunity to pack the resume with industry-specific keywords. Therefore, include a section that highlights the automotive skills you feel are important as they relate to the actual position you are seeking.

Should You Include a Skills Section in Your Automotive Resume

Depending on the job you are interested in, selecting certain skills within the industry may generate interest on the part of the hiring company. For example, if your skills are in auto repair and parts replacement, you would definitely want to mention these abilities if you are seeking a position with an auto service shop or body repair facility. If you possess excellent inventory management abilities and are good with computer-oriented accounting programs, an auto parts retailer would consider this an important point. However, as a general rule, you don’t want to duplicate information, so if your skills are basically the result of recent training or education, you might want to skip this section altogether and focus instead on creating an educational background section. Your automotive skills section will specifically define your abilities, so if you include one in your resume, make certain that it points out skills that are needed primarily in the industry niche that the potential employer fits into.

What to Include in an Automotive Resume Skills Section

The hiring manager who reads your automotive resume skills section is looking for key phrases that clearly state your skills level as well as your knowledge of a particular niche within the industry. There should be at least three to four points per column but no more than eight in each. This should also be a bullet list.

If you are applying for a body design engineering position with an automaker, you will want to show you have knowledge in creating computer-generated 3D models and are familiar with how to transfer these models into actual blueprints containing material information. Of less interest would be information about your general knowledge of architectural drafts. Education in the industry, such as graduation from a trade school or the obtaining of certificates, should be listed in a completely different section of your automotive resume. Take a look at these top five skills you can include:

  • Knowledge of engine, transmission, and brake parts
  • Hands-on experience in a repair shop environment
  • Familiarity with advanced troubleshooting systems
  • Ability to work under tight time constraints
  • Overall knowledge of the automotive after-market parts industry
Example of an Automotive Resume Skills Section

When crafting your automotive resume skills section, list out your most relevant skill sets and make each explanation as short as possible, using keywords. Take a look at this example:

  • Engine systems and parts failure
  • Gasoline, diesel, hybrid, and electric motor systems troubleshooting
  • Radiator and cooling systems
  • Problem identification
  • Automated troubleshooting monitor stations
  • Analysis of in-vehicle computer sensors


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