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How to Write an Automotive Resume Summary Statement

For a long time, it’s been common practice to begin a resume with a resume objective section. Now that the resume objective has largely gone out of style, the resume summary statement is the preferred way to begin a resume. Knowing how to write an automotive resume summary statement could make the difference when going for your ideal automotive job.

What to Include in an Automotive Resume Summary Statement

When it comes to knowing how to write a summary statement, it’s important to include your strongest selling points. You might include:

  • Specific accomplishments in past positions (e.g., increased repair shop’s efficiency of routine preemptive maintenance by 30 percent)
  • Automotive industry awards or recognitions
  • Major skill sets specific to the industry
  • Personality traits and soft skills that are valuable to your job (e.g., paying attention to detail and technical ability are important in a mechanic’s role)

How to Format an Automotive Resume Summary Statement

Your resume summary statement should be three to five sentences (four to six lines) long. You can write it in paragraph form. Avoid speaking in the first person. To do so, you can use sentence fragments. Everyone’s resume summary statements will be different, so try to personalize yours as much as possible.

Try to personalize yours as much as possible.

Tips for Writing an Automotive Resume Summary Statement

  • When writing your statement, think of the skills you most enjoy using, topics and issues you’re passionate about, and how they can fit into the role you’re applying to.
  • Think about what the hiring manager would want to read. Would you be impressed by your summary if you were making a hiring decision?
  • Specifically mention your accomplishments whenever possible. Don’t just write that you maintained cars. Note that you improved the mechanic shop’s diagnostic system and troubleshooting procedures.
  • Condense and refine your statement as much as possible. Make it into four to six sentences that best convey why you’re the best person for the job. You want to really “sell” yourself to the person reading.
Example of an Automotive Resume Summary Statement

A positive and energetic automobile mechanic with the ability to inspect, maintain, and repair vehicles. Expert in maintaining and repairing engine, electrical, braking, and suspension systems. Passionate about the challenge of fixing things. Continually up-to-date on rapidly changing automotive technology. Successful at improving retrieval time by 40 percent.


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