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How to Write a Computers & Technology Resume Education Section

The “Education” section is a very important element of a successful resume because it provides an indirect overview of your abilities and character as well as your determination and desire to succeed. While various diplomas and degrees show completed successes, continued education is also indicative of your intended career direction. Your computers & technology resume education section should include schools you attended (in chronological order), the degrees you attained and/or are in the process of completing, and awards and honors you received.

What to Include in a Computers & Technology Resume Education Section

While student resumes should include your high school education as well as awards, professional resumes should not. It is implied your high school diploma has been achieved if you are a college student or graduate. Your computers & technology resume education section should only include college/post-graduate education, training and development, and continuing education programs. Skills that are relevant to your industry and/or the position you are seeking may also be listed within the “Education” section.

How to Format a Computers & Technology Resume Education Section

The computers & technology resume education section typically appears near the top of your resume, if it’s stronger than your past professional experience, situated under the “Objective” section. This placement is especially important when you have a degree that is desirable or one that is required for the particular job you seek. The “Education” section also immediately shows your current status if you are still attending school and may be applying for an internship.
The computers & technology resume education section should:

  • List degrees in reverse chronological order, beginning with your most recently attained, or soon-to-be attained, degree. If you are currently in a degree program, list it and your anticipated graduation date (i.e.: “Anticipated Award Date: May 2016”).
  • Indicate each degree and major field of study, the date (or anticipated date) of graduation, the educational institution (school, college, or university), and its location.
  • You may elect to include your overall GPA or your GPA in your major course of study, whichever is higher. Do not include your GPA if you are not a very recent graduate.
  • Include certifications and relevant courses such as: major courses studied abroad, courses relevant to the particular position you are seeking, relevant minor courses of study, and academic honors. Relevant ongoing professional continuing education and development courses, training, and seminars should also be included.
  • When including relevant skills, use keywords and phrases that are applicable to your industry as well as the position you are seeking. These keywords and phrases should be listed with commas between each item and without a period at the end of the string, such as, “XML, C++, Java, C#, HTML, SQL, Software and Web Development”. If this section is presented in columns or in tabulated form, each column should have no fewer than three or four items, or more than seven or eight items, per column.
  • Do not include in-progress internships or coursework.
Examples of a Computers & Technology Resume Education Section

B.S. Computer Science (May 1999); Minor: Business Management
Texas A&M, College Station, TX
Overall GPA: 3.5.
Relevant Skills: XML, C++, Java, C#, HTML, SQL, Software and Web Development


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