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How to Write a Construction Resume Certifications and Training Section

Within a well-formatted construction resume, a listing of any certifications or trade/technical school awards and licenses is as important as appropriate work experience and educational achievements. Hiring managers seek individuals with certain skill sets when it comes to architectural design, construction team management, and project budgeting. Before making a hiring decision, a construction company or contractor will want to review how your construction resume certifications and training are applicable to the open position.

What Kind of Certifications and Training Should You List on Your Construction Resume?

Depending on your training and education, the certificates and honors you have earned may be targeted to a specific niche in the construction industry. Be sure to include only relevant training awards, licenses, and certifications because the hiring company is already familiar with the ones that show your abilities in the given sub-industry.
Examples of certifications for a construction site management position would be:

  • Bachelor’s degree in architectural/structural design
  • American Institute of Constructors
  • Construction Management Association of America

These programs offer certifications and licensing for those who will be managing a large-scale construction project, so they would capture immediate attention.

How to Format a Construction Resume Certifications and Training Section

The construction resume Certifications and Training section should be close to the top of the resume, immediately preceding or following the experiences section. Title it appropriately according to the list you create. Include only one certification or license title and description per line. If you have only one pertinent certification, and you obtained it at a technical school listed in the education section, you can list it there rather than creating a separate section for licenses and certifications. Remember to highlight the section with bullet or numerical lists, and don’t include licenses or certifications that aren’t specifically related to the job position you are seeking.

The following is a construction resume Certifications and Training section example designed around a job listing for a construction site manager. Remember that the other sections of the resume are concisely worded, so you will want to make this section short-phrased and to the point.

Example of a Construction Resume Certifications and Training Section

Degrees and Certifications
University of Washington – Seattle, WA
Bachelor’s degree in construction management
Stanford University
Graduate degree in construction management and software engineering
American Institute of Constructors
Associate constructors degree certificate

You can add contact information for each school below this list, if you wish. Notice also that the first two references on the list are educational achievements; a college degree is certainly a form of training, so definitely include it. If software programming skills are needed, and your certification included this type of training, go ahead and specifically name it, such as C+ A+ Microsoft Certified and Cisco certified.


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