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How to Write a Construction Resume References Section

As a general rule, you don’t need to include professional references in a construction resume or cover letter. Many employers are not interested in contacting past supervisors because they feel they won’t garner any useful information. However, in the construction industry, specific skills claimed by the applicant may require further investigation, so if the job description contains a section about the requirement of references, you may want to include them.

When Should You Include Professional References in a Construction Resume

If one or more of your past employers or contractors in the construction industry is a well-known figure or is considered an authority on the type of work performed, it can be a good idea to list these references in a construction resume. For example, if you once worked under the supervision of an award-winning roofing contractor supervisor, and the type of work you are seeking is the same or similar, the hiring manager will probably be quite interested in talking to this person.

It’s also worth listing any reference that is guaranteed to provide a personal testimonial. In some cases, this has already been offered, or perhaps you have the paper in hand. In this scenario, the testimonial should be offered to the hiring manager where you are applying for work.

How to Include Professional References in a Construction Resume

Your resume begins with a fact-filled introduction to your skills and achievements. This is followed by a section on education and special training in one or more areas in the construction industry. If you choose to include a references in a construction resume, this should be near the end. This section should be appropriately titled, something like “Professional References and Testimonials.” The references should be named as a company or contractor, with any individual also named personally. The reference should contain contact information including physical address, email, and phone.

The following is an example of how you might want to structure your reference contact section. Note that general education is not included, only relevant work experience, with industry-specific wording included.

Example of Professional References in a Construction Resume

Olmstead Institute of Trade and Industry
Certification awarded in truss roof architectural design. Engineering courses with actual design blueprints used for future structures.
Contact: Jason Miller 432-555-7490 ext. 2345
Progressive Architects International
Field supervisor for truss roofing construction. Three years field management and team organization.
Reference Contact: Mallory Hendricks 678-555-0981

As you can see, these references are included on the resume only because they offer testimonials from those who actually supervised this individual on truss-style roof supports.

Tips For Providing Professional References to a Hiring Manager

  • Trust Your Contacts. This is important because you must know what the reference contact will actually say. If all they will provide is dates worked, position held, etc., the hiring manager won’t get much out of it.
  • Stick To Specific Reference Points. Don’t bother listing professional references that you know but who are not in a good position to actually attest to your talents in the industry niche.
  • Make An Appropriate List. If you worked in roofing, as in the example above, make sure to use contacts who actually worked with you or have already provided you with a personalized testimonial that you can pass on to your prospective employer or contractor. These might include your immediate supervisor, training professor, or any contractor who asked for repeat work from you.


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