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How to Write a Construction Resume Summary Statement

The construction industry is constantly changing, and if you want a job in this ever evolving world, you need a compelling summary statement that opens your resume. This takes the place of the old objectives section that gave employers an idea of your future goals. A construction resume summary statement lets you showcase your most relevant skills and recent experience in a clear and concise way.

What to Include in a Construction Resume Summary Statement

As the construction industry can include so many different tasks and skills, it’s important that your summary statement include a few details regarding where you have the most experience. You might highlight your commercial construction or residential construction experience, the licenses that you obtained in your state or whether you worked on plumbing or electrical jobs. If you are bilingual, you’ll also want to make note of that. Many construction companies need foremen and managers who can speak fluently with workers who do not know much English.

How to Format a Construction Resume Summary Statement

Before you look at how to format the summary statement section, you must know how to identify this section. After adding your name and contact details at the top of the page, you will add a bold or highlighted “Summary:” below this information. Write four to six sentences or sentence fragments beneath the summary line. The summary section should never use any first-person pronouns like “I,” and should include simple details that describe the experience, skills, qualifications and education that you have.

Tips for Writing a Construction Resume Summary Statement

The hardest part about writing a construction resume summary statement is determining what exactly to write. You might find yourself lacking enough content or having too much content for the section. We’ve compiled a few tips that you can use when identifying what content to include in your summary statement.

  • Move details from your resume that match the qualifications needed for the job to your summary statement
  • Use similar words and phrases to keep from repeating yourself in the skills and experience sections of your resume
  • Use terms like construction foreman, day laborer or contractor at the beginning of your first sentence
  • Describe the size of the teams you worked on and whether you were a leader or manager of those teams
  • Include any licenses you might have, including a general contractor license in your state
Example of a Construction Resume Summary Statement

General day laborer with 10+ years experience working on commercial and residential job sites. Responsible for leading a team of up to six other workers while installing electrical and plumbing systems, laying foundations and building walls. State licensed contractor with some construction budgeting and management experience and able to speak fluently in both English and Spanish.


Employers often read over the summary statement and skim the rest of the resume, which is why you’ll want to put your best foot forward and include as much relevant content in this section as possible. Use MyPerfectResume to find an online resume builder that helps you create a construction resume summary statement and all the other sections you need.