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How to Write a Construction Resume Work Experience Section

One of the most important things found on a resume is the work experience section. Whether you include one job or multiple jobs, each one should include a list of your duties and any accomplishments you want to highlight. This section is crucial because hiring managers tend to skim over the other parts of your resume and focus more on your specific construction work experience.

What to Include in a Construction Resume Work Experience Section

A construction resume work experience section should list your construction-related jobs in reverse chronological order, but you can include other past jobs that show you have a strong work history. While it’s ok to back as far back as 20 years, you should focus on recent experiences that showcase your relevant talents without making your resume too long. It’s also important that you focus more on accomplishments rather than duties you performed. Instead of explaining each and every thing you did on the job, look for ways to explain how you helped the company, including getting OSHA certified or reducing labor costs.

How to Format a Construction Resume Work Experience Section

When crafting a construction resume work experience section, it’s best to begin each job with your position title, followed by the dates of employment using the month, year or both. You then want to list the name of the company and its location on the second line. Hiring managers use this information to gauge your skill level as well as your long-term potential. Instead of writing out paragraphs, use five to eight bullet points underneath your two title lines to describe your accomplishments, making sure to use past tense for positions that you have left. While it’s ok to list your duties, try to showcase your work ethic and achievements by beginning each bullet with an action verb and using quantifiable metrics to highlight leadership and dedication.

Example of a Construction Resume Work Experience Section

Use the following example as a format template when you write your construction resume work experience section. Follow the same layout for each job you list.
Work Experience
Day Laborer, October 2012 to March 2015
New Cityland Construction, Inc. – New Cityland, CA

  • Oversaw a team of 20+ day laborers, contractors and construction workers daily.
  • Helped build more than 100 commercial and residential properties each year.
  • Developed a deep understanding of safety regulations, including those implemented by
  • Gained a strong familiarity and proficiency with hand and power tools.
  • Regulated workers to improve productivity and reduce overtime by 9%.


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