Customer Service

Customer Service

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How to Write a Customer Service Resume Certifications and Training Section

Having a list of your customer service resume certifications and training is an excellent way to show employers that you have experience helping customers and helping the companies who hired you in the past. This section may include specialized training only available through specific stores or certifications that you obtained on your own. Including this section shows that you’re willing to go the extra mile to help both your employers and your customers.

What Kind of Certifications and Training Should You List on Your Customer Service Resume

While you might feel tempted to include every training program you completed and all the certifications that you have, you really only need to include those relevant to the job listing in a customer service resume certifications and training section. You can skip any training you had in the restaurant industry or any certifications you obtained while in college. If you have a difficult time deciding which ones are best on a customer service resume, look over the following questions:

  • Does the name of your certification have the words customer service or retail in the title?
  • Did the certification come from a recognized name in the retail industry?
  • Do you feel comfortable and confident enough to talk about how that program helped you in a job interview?
  • Did any of the certifications or training you went through lead to a job raise or new job title?
  • Can you list any type of training that helped you manage other workers or better assist your customers?

Many retail shops and companies that use customer service staff have specialized training that you can include on your resume. You may want to include certifications from organizations like the National Retail Federation or International Customer Service Standard as well.

How to Format a Customer Service Resume Certifications and Training Section

There are really only two things that you need in a customer service resume certifications and training section: a title and a bullet point list. The title should make it clear that these section includes a list of specialized industry training that you have. Each of the bullet points allow you to highlight a specific type of certification you obtained or a training program that you completed. If you have certification or training from a specific store, you can list the name of that store as well. You’ll also want to include the year you finished the program or got your certification.

Example of a Customer Service Resume Certifications and Training Section

After considering the types of certifications and training you should list on your resume, check out the following example of how the finished section should look:

Certifications and Training
  • International Customer Service Standard (ICSS) Gold Certification, 2014
  • National Retail Federation Certification, 2013
  • Customer Service Specialist Certification, 2013
  • Customer Satisfaction Training, Target, 2012
  • Floor Management Training, Target, 2013


While some hiring managers may look closely at a list of your customer service resume certifications and training, they will also want to know more about your work experience and education as well. MyPerfectResume helps you develop each section that hiring managers want to see via an online resume builder and create a professional quality resume in an hour or less.