Customer Service

Customer Service

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How to Write a Customer Service Resume Education Section

Customer service representatives do not always have a college degree, and many find themselves moving up within a company after working as a cashier. Even if you only have a high school degree, you need an education section on your resume that shows what you did in school, your overall grades and other features relating to your schooling. The customer service resume education section can show you have experience and familiarity working with customers, public speaking and in customer service duties.

What to Include in a Customer Service Resume Education Section

A customer service resume education section will usually include the name of the school you attended and your grade point average. If you took any specialty courses in high school or college that relate to the job, you can list those classes in this specific section. You can also include information relating to the degree you will earn in the future or whether you took classes without graduating. Though you may not have any specialized certifications or licenses, you can list special job training you received in this section as well. You can show you went through manager training, worked as a cashier trainer or other special types of education and training you received on the job.

How to Format a Customer Service Resume Education Section

The proper way to format a customer service resume education section is in chronological order with the inclusion of the school’s name, location and the degree/diploma/certificate you earned and your date of graduation, if it was recent. If you are currently enrolled in a degree program, you can list it as “in progress” or with the date you expect to graduate. Hiring managers want to see those details listed at the top where they can easily find the information needed. If you apply for a customer service job with limited job related experience, place this section at the top, but if you want to focus more on your work experience than your education, move the section to the bottom. Use a list of three to five items that shows any clubs you participated in, any special offices or positions you held, your GPA (if you’re a recent graduate) and anything else pertinent to the job.

Example of a Customer Resume Education Section

After reading about how to format a customer service resume education section, you might want to look at a simple example to see how it should look.
New Cityland High School-New Cityland, CA
High School Diploma

  • 3.9 grade point average
  • Graduated with membership in the Honors Society and as salutatorian
  • Participated in the debate club, drama club and 4H
  • Served as class vice president for three years
  • Worked on the dance committee to plan, organize and host multiple events each year


A college degree or a high level of education isn’t always needed when working as a customer service representative. If you want to move up within the company, though, you may need an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. MyPerfectResume provides you with simple tips to help you write your customer service resume education section and put together a fantastic resume as well as an online resume builder. With that builder, you’re just a few steps away from writing a resume that will appeal to those in charge of hiring new customer service representatives.