Customer Service

Customer Service

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How to Write a Customer Service Resume Objective

You can learn how to write a resume objective pretty easily, since it’s a relatively straightforward statement of intent. As you write a customer service resume objective, your goal is to briefly state what you’re seeking by applying. The standard information provided is the name of the prospective employer and the position you desire.

An example of Customer Service Resume Skills

Seeking to apply strong communication skills, organizational skills, and three years of customer service experience to gain a position with Johnson Inc.

Motivated and detail-oriented salesperson with three years of experience pursuing a customer service position at Hillside Manor.

How to Write a Customer Service Resume Summary (or Objective) Statement

The goal of the professional summary statement, also referred to as a resume objective, is to define your skills in terms of their usefulness to the organization to which you’re applying.

But what should you say in your objective on a resume? First, you’ll want to share the highlights of your experience, skills, and talents right up front. The summary statement should condense your qualifications into a quick, attention-grabbing pitch that explains why you should be the top pick. Aim for a four- to six-line paragraph that includes at least one resume metric that highlights the impact your work has had for your past employer.

Customer service professional experienced in offering exceptional service to customers in a fast-paced work environment. Successful in solving customer grievances with solid communication and interpersonal skills. Cash handling experience and proven ability to meet deadlines with excellent problem-solving skills.


If you want to impress future employers, your resume has to look its best. Whether you opt for the traditional customer service resume objective or the modern summary statement, use MyPerfectResume’s Resume Builder to create an outstanding resume in minutes that will help you gain the job you desire.