Customer Service

Customer Service

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How to Write a Customer Service Resume Work Experience Section

Of all the sections you include on a standard resume, the customer service resume work experience section is probably the most important. This is the area of your resume where you list the jobs you had in customer service and some of the accomplishments from those experiences. It may also let hiring managers know that you require less training than other applicants.

What to Include in a Customer Service Resume Work Experience Section

Every job that you list under a work experience section should contain between five and eight bullet points that feature a mixture of job duties and accomplishments. Make sure you focus more on your accomplishments, including any money saving programs you implemented or the scores you received on in-house testing and reviews. You also need to think about how far back into your history you want to go. Instead of listing every single job you held since high school or college, include only the most relevant or most recent jobs and avoid going further back than 15-20 years. Hiring managers care less about your long work history than they do about the relevant experience you have in customer service.

How to Format a Customer Service Resume Work Experience Section

A customer service resume work experience starts with a single header at the top and two key lines of content below. The first line should list the name you held or the job title with the month/year that you started and left the position, while the he second line should list the name of the employer and the city and state of the company. The most important part of this section is the bulleted list that you include underneath. This lets hiring managers quickly skim over each job you had to see what you did on the job and the benefits that you offered your employers. Be sure to use present tense if you’re still employed, and try to begin each bullet with a powerful action verb that highlights your accomplishments.

Example of a Customer Service Resume Work Experience Section

Begin your customer service resume work experience section with your current or most recent position and list back in reverse chronological order. Consider the example below.
Professional Work Experience
Customer Service Representative, January 2015 to Present
L.A. Telecommunications-Los Angeles, CA

  • Assist customers over the phone with their online shopping.
  • Upsell products and services for our third-party vendors.
  • Address customer complaints via phone and email.
  • Boosted quarterly sales by 5% within my first 30 days.
    Customer Service Representative, February 2013 to January 2015
    West Bay Telecommunications-West Bay, CA
  • Introduced ergonomic chairs and computer equipment that increased productivity by 8%.
  • Received the highest customer satisfaction scores out of all employees.
  • Responded to customer complaints via email and over the phone.
  • Informed customers of new cellular phone, home phone, television and Internet plans.
  • Relied on suggestive sales methods to increase average orders by more than 12%.


Hiring managers want to see some clear data when looking over a resume, including your most recent jobs, the skills you’ve gained and how you add value. If you’re having trouble content or format, look to MyPerfectResume and use the online resume builder to help you stand out in the customer service industry.