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How to Write an Education Resume Objective

If you are seeking a job as a teacher or any type of position in the education field, you may be wondering how to write an education resume objective. The objective statement is the opening section of a resume where you describe your career goals and why you are seeking a particular position. In recent years, most employers prefer a resume summary statement to a resume objective, as the summary is more focused on what the applicant can contribute to the school or organization.

How You Used to Write an Education Resume Objective

Even though resume objective statements are no longer widely used or valued, it can still be useful to know how to write an education resume objective. This is the section where you would have described why you were seeking a position and what you hoped to achieve in your career in the education field. In addition to discussing your career goals, you would also have alluded to any relevant experience and qualifications. The following are a couple of examples of how to write an education resume objective.

Obtain a teaching position that allows me to utilize my ten years of teaching experience in math and science to help students learn and excel at standardized tests.

Obtain a position as a school administrator that utilizes my organizational, communication and technical skills and experience to help me increase efficiency and the quality of life for the institution.

How to Write an Education Summary Statement

Today’s hiring managers generally feel that objective statements are unnecessary as someone sending in a resume has already made it clear that he or she is seeking a certain job. Therefore, you should be less concerned about how to write an education resume objective and more interested in how to write an education summary statement. This is the section that can replace the objective statement, where you emphasize your skills and experience and how you can make a real contribution in the education field. Here are some points to keep in mind when creating your education summary statement:

Mention your degrees or certifications, such as Bachelor’s in Education, MA in Education, etc.

Describe some abilities that make you effective in this position, such as your ability to communicate with students, your dedication to improving performance or your experience working on school budgets.

Keep the summary statement short and concise.

Example of an Education Summary Statement

Dedicated teacher with more than ten years of elementary and middle school experience with a proven track record of helping students succeed socially and academically. Communicates effectively with students, parents and administration.


These are some of the reasons why it’s better to focus on creating a good summary statement rather than trying to learn how to write an education resume objective. You can easily meet all of your resume needs by using MyPerfectResume’s Resume Builder, an application that lets you create professional looking resumes in minutes.