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How to Write an Education Resume References Section

The idea of using a professional references in an education resume is generally passé in the modern world. Thanks to the Internet, employers can find out everything they need or want to know about you online without contacting your former employers. As with all job hunting tips and tricks though, there are always a few exceptions to this rule.

When Should You Include Professional References in an Education Resume

Though you usually want to leave off a references section, there are some times when it’s best to include one. You should always add one when the job specifically requires a list of references or when you are a new graduate. This lets you show that there are people familiar with your work even though you just finished college. Teachers and other educators should also consider listing references when they have worked with high-level employees in the past. Consider adding references who worked as principals or superintendents.

How to Include Professional References in an Education Resume

When you use professional references in an education resume, you always list those references on either a separate page or at the bottom of the first page of your resume. The right way to format this section is with the person’s name on the first line followed by his or her job title, employer, office address, professional email address and a phone number. You can list two or more phone numbers for those who work in the field and those who do not have a dedicated office line. However, do not include “References Available Upon Request” on your resume in lieu of listing references.

Example of Professional References in an Education Resume

Format any of the professional references in an education resume in the following way:
Angela Smith
Our Holy Angels High School
126 17th St.
Los Angeles, CA 55555
(555) 567-9876

Tips for Providing Professional References to a Hiring Manager

  • Contact anyone you wish to use as a reference before sending out your resume to make sure it’s okay that you included them.
  • Don’t include people outside of the education field if the work you did was irrelevant to the job for which you are applying.
  • Don’t forget to include an extension number if the number you list goes to a main line.
  • Write a short thank you email that you send to all your references after you land a new job.
  • Use professional references who directly worked with you, including teachers who oversaw your fieldwork, principals, superintendents and college professors.


A professional references section is just one thing that you might use on a resume. Using bullet points makes your resume easier to skim over and read, and MyPerfectResume can give you other education resume writing tips, along with access to an online resume builder perfect for creating a fresh resume.