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How to Write an Education Resume Skills Section

Resumes typically feature a number of different sections, but you may have never considered including an resume skills section. This section may not be useful for you, especially if everything you can add is better suited for other areas of the resume, but for many, this section is key to getting keywords for the target industry in front of the reader’s eyes quickly. Take a look at what writing an education resume skills section entails.

Should You Include a Skills Section in Your Education Resume

One benefit of using a skills section is that you can utilize skills that are valuable in the classroom but didn’t originate from there. For example, you might mention that you worked in a summer camp with children under the age of 12 during college. It’s also usually a good idea to include skills that will assist you when working with students. You can explain that you worked in a daycare facility, taught team building exercises online or have familiarity with American Sign Language.

Those who think you should leave out the skills section point out that some writers simply regurgitate the same information and skills found elsewhere on the page. If you can come up with a list that focuses on unique skills, duties, accomplishments and/or projects that aren’t listed elsewhere on the resume, then you should consider adding the section.

What to Include in an Education Resume Skills Section

Whether you have a college degree and years of experience or you are a brand new teacher, you can probably compile enough points to make a list. Soft skills, major skillsets and even personality traits that are valuable can be included. These should be in a vertical bullet list, but each column should have between three and eight points within it. Long phrases are good for other areas, but the skills section is to be read at a glance, so each point should only be one to a few words long, and keywords that are industry specific are important to add. No periods should appear here.
Some of the top skills that you should highlight in an education resume skills section include the following:

  • Any experience you have with curriculum development or design
  • Teaching methodologies that you used on the job
  • The flexibility that you have when it comes to teaching students with special needs or developmental problems
  • The average size of classes that you were responsible for teaching
  • Communication skills that you have with students, their parents and other educators
Example of an Education Resume Skills Section

Before writing an education resume skills section, use the example below to see the proper format and to get an idea of what goes into this type of section.

  • Native English speaker
  • American Sign Language (ASL)
  • Up to 20 children
  • Ages of four and 12
  • Communication skills
  • Curriculum designing and implementation
  • CPR/First Aid


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