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How to Write an Education Resume Work Experience Section

As an educator working in today’s school systems, you need a resume that includes a work experience section that tells employers more about you and the type of teaching you did in the past. This is simply a list of recent employers that focuses on both your accomplishments and your job duties. Principals and school superintendents use the education resume work experience section to determine which candidates would be a good fit for their district or school system.

What to Include in an Education Resume Work Experience Section

A common mistake that many teachers make when writing their resumes is focusing too much on their job duties. While you may want to explain the experience you have in curriculum development and working with students in the classroom, you also want to make note of some of your most important accomplishments. This might include new assignments that you implemented, out of school experiences you had or whether you increased the average grade students received via new teaching methods. Your resume should include around three employers beginning with your current or most recent job. Keep in mind that most hiring managers will only view the first page of your resume so keep it short by leaving out jobs that you had more than 15-20 years ago.

How to Format an Education Resume Work Experience Section

Start with a simple introductory header and then add two lines that show the job you held, the dates you worked and the city and state of the school. This lets readers know whether you worked in a local school district and have a good understanding of that system or if you come from another city or state. The bullet points that follow should highlight the key duties and accomplishments that you want superintendents and principals to know about before they hire you. Keep the list between five and eight items, and start each bullet with a strong action verb that describes your achievements. Be sure to use present tense for current positions as well as quantifiable metrics wherever possible, including the number of students you taught or any percentages you helped your school achieve.

Example of an Education Resume Work Experience Section

Work Experience
Elementary School Teacher, August 2011 to June 2015
New Cityland Elementary School-New Cityland, CA

  • Taught reading, writing, math and science classes to students in first through fourth grades.
  • Helped design a new type of curriculum that led to a 16% rise in average grades.
  • Launched a program that dropped the teacher-to-student ratio down to one teacher for every 15 students.
  • Supervised field trips and day trips with other teachers and groups of more than 100 students.
  • Created pop quizzes, tests and assignments designed to gauge the knowledge that students gained in the classroom.


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