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How to Write a Finance Resume Honors and Awards Section

In a competitive finance market, students, graduates and unique job seekers may find themselves trying to figure out how to set themselves apart from the potentially thousands of candidates vying for the same job or internship. Hiring managers will look at past achievements to determine future potential. This means you should have a strong finance resume honors and awards section that highlights accomplishments and achievements to help your case.

Should You Include a Finance Resume Honors and Awards Section

You may need a finance resume honors and awards section if you don’t have an extensive work history, you’re in or just getting out of school or you’re changing industries or careers. While the best circumstances will find your awards and honors relevant to the industry, you shouldn’t discount the ones that are not. Bottom line, if you’re going to include honors and awards, they should put a spotlight on your ability to perform and succeed. If you Don’t have more than three awards, then incorporate the one or two you do have into other parts of your resume.

How to Format a Finance Resume Honors and Awards Section

Place this list before the Experience section and focus as much as possible on entries that are industry related. Above all else, your awards need to be impressive: top prizes with your employer, recognition from financial and business organizations, awards from the community and local businesses, scholarships from educational or professional institutions, listings in achievement publications (such as Who’s Who), etc. Avoid listing every award you ever got, though. Be detailed and include metrics where applicable to show how you reached achievements.

Example of a Finance Resume Honors and Awards Section

Below are samples of entries you can include. Follow the resume’s formatting for the actual appearance.

  • Case Centre Award in Finance, Accounting and Control (2014)
  • Governor’s Volunteer Service Award (August 2014)
  • Cityland National Honor Society (January 2013–Present)
  • Crispland Bank National Honor Society (September 2012–July 2015)
  • Dean’s List (2009–2011, 2012–2013)


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