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How to Write a Finance Resume Objective

It used to be very fashionable for a job applicant to begin with a finance resume objective stating what he or she wanted to do. Many would-be professionals would then learn how to write a resume objective, hoping that it would make their resume more competitive. However, the days of the finance resume objective are gone. The more modern option is to write a resume summary, which neatly sums up the applicant’s qualifications for the job. This method makes your resume more competitive than merely stating the job you’re applying for.

How You Used to Write a Finance Resume Objective

Knowing how to write a resume objective was once very important to the job hunt. The objective simply stated what the applicant wanted to accomplish with his or her resume. For example:Job Objective: To gain steady employment as a Junior Bank Manager at ABC Savings and Loan.Job Objective: To obtain a position as an account manager at XYZ Investments.

How to Write a finance resume summary Statement

A resume summary statement offers the hiring manager a quick glimpse of why you’re the best person for the job. Instead of stating what you want from the company with a finance resume objective, a resume summary states what you can offer the company. It should be a paragraph about four to six lines long. Here are some things to include in your finance resume summary:
  • Strengths specific to the finance industry, such as strong accounting skills.
  • Experience relevant to the position (i.e., served as senior accounting manager at ABC Financial for ten years).
  • Personality traits, such as interpersonal skills, that are important to the finance job you’re applying to.
It’s also important to write with the job you want in mind, instead of the job you’re leaving. Remember, you want to convince the person reading your resume that you would be a perfect fit for their company.
An example of a Finance Resume Objective
Results-driven finance professional with excellent track record of helping financial organizations reach set financial goals. Experience in successfully developing financial strategies and directing investment activities. 20 years of experience shepherding mixed portfolios averaging $1.6 million apiece. Proven leader who opened three regional offices, training permanently assigned staff to consistently rank in top five nationwide.


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