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How to Include Professional References in a Food & Restaurant Resume

Most employers no longer ask applicants to include a list of references because they only need it from certain candidates. Though you may not need to provide references in a food & restaurant resume, some employers may still want a short list of one or more professional references.

When Should You Include Professional References in a Food & Restaurant Resume

Food and restaurant employers may require some references for those applying for higher-level positions, including jobs in accounting or management. They want to verify that you actually worked for the companies listed on your resume and that you have practical experience. You’ll also want to include references when the job listing you come across specifically states that you must submit references. Whether applying for jobs online or in person, it’s usually best to hold off on listing any references in a food & restaurant resume until the hiring manager requests a list.

How to Include Professional References in a Food & Restaurant Resume

A typical reference section will include a header that identifies the section. You follow this with a person’s name, job title, where the individual works, address of the business, a phone number and an email address if the person has one and uses it. If you use a cell or home number, mention that before the number. This section will either go at the bottom of your resume or on a separate sheet of paper. Do not state at the bottom of the page that your references are available upon request.

Each reference you list must include a name, position/title, company, address and contact information. See the proper way to include that information below.

Example of Professional References in a Food & Restaurant Resume

Sarah Scott
Kitchen Manager
Blue Star Cafe
987 West Elm Street
New Cityland, CA 12345
(555) 123-6789

Tips for Providing Professional References to a Hiring Manager

  • Include the contact number where the individual is usually at, even if this means listing a cell phone number.
  • Inform your references every time you update your resume and before applying for a new job to ensure they are still willing to speak for you. If they are, give each a copy of your resume.
  • Find references among those who had direct contact with you and understand the responsibilities you had on the job, including kitchen managers, hiring managers, server trainers and restaurant owners. If you have less food and restaurant experience, consider using a personal reference or a teacher you worked with in high school or college.


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