Food and Restaurant

Food and Restaurant

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How to Write a Food & Restaurant Resume Education Section

A resume that grabs readers and makes hiring managers want to contact you is one that includes an education section. A food & restaurant resume education section contains a simple list of your accomplishments and achievements in relation to your education, letting managers know that you have training in food safety and food preparation or that you have experience managing others.

What to Include in a Food & Restaurant Resume Education Section

As a high school graduate with little to no restaurant experience, you need to include your grade point average, whether you took part in any clubs or activities, where you graduated within your class and other basic information. If you have a degree in the culinary arts or another type of college degree, give employers a brief list of the specialized classes you took, if you participated in any food clubs and whether you worked while in school, which shows that you can multitask and have good time management skills. It’s important that you specifically state whether you finished a degree program, are still in that program or took a break from school. SafeServe certification or any other industry training/certifications you have may also go in this section, unless you have enough to warrant a separate section.

How to Format a Food & Restaurant Resume Education Section

The proper way of formatting a food & restaurant resume education section is with two lines that you put at the top and place separate from your bullet points or list, listing your education in reverse chronological order. Employers want to see your school’s name and location in the first line and the degree you have and graduation date in the second line. If you are still in school, put your projected graduation date in the second line. Make a short list of three or more items below that have different information in each line. You might use one to list some of your courses, a separate line for your GPA, if you are a recent graduate, and another line that shows the certifications and/or licenses you have.

Example of a Food & Restaurant Resume Education Section

Don’t start writing a food & restaurant resume education section until you get an idea of how it should look with an example like the one here:
Culinary Arts Degree, Los Angeles Vocational School, Los Angeles, CA 2012
Suma Cum Laude, SafeServe Certification
Coursework in Food Handling, Food Preparation and Food Safety


Food and restaurant management jobs may require a college degree and cooks may need a culinary arts degree, but many positions in this field just require a high school diploma and some on the job training. Regardless of how much education you have, you need a food & restaurant resume education section, so turn to MyPerfectResume for help creating the education section and deciding what to include, as well as the rest of your resume.