Food and Restaurant

Food and Restaurant

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How to Write a Food & Restaurant Resume Work Experience Section

No matter what you put on your resume, your work experience section is the most important element. When applying for food & restaurant jobs, you must include positions you held in the industry as well as any other customer service experience that taught you how to deal with the general public.

What to Include in a Food & Restaurant Resume Work Experience Section

The number of years you go back depends on the overall length of your resume and how relevant your jobs are, but try to list your three most recent restaurant or hospitality positions. Put your jobs in reverse chronological order, and Don’t go back more than 20 years. Although you may list some of the duties you did in your work, employers generally care more about your achievements and accomplishments. Find ways to show how you improved your operation, such as using sales figures, table counts and other quantifiable data. Finally, be sure to tailor your food & restaurant resume work experience section in a way that highlights the main criteria of the job you’re interested in.

How to Format a Food & Restaurant Resume Work Experience Section

Proper formatting of a food & restaurant resume work experience section begins with a title, followed by a single line with the dates you worked. List both the month and year and then follow with the name and location of the company. Put your job title on a second line and then list between five and eight bullet points describing everything you want potential employers to know about that job.

Avoid paragraphs, and be sure to write in present tense for any jobs that you are currently working. Instead of leading with generic phrases like “responsible for,” use strong action verbs that highlight your work ethic and show how you responded to rushes, complaints, order mix-ups or other operational problems.

Example of a Food & Restaurant Resume Work Experience Section

Use the food & restaurant work experience section example below for ideas on bullet content and the correct way to format your job history.
Work Experience
February 2014 to January 2016, Red Ribbon Diner, New Cityland, CA


  • Coordinated between the kitchen staff and front-of-house to ensure our service ran smoothly.
  • Used menu knowledge to answer diners’ questions and improve their overall experience.
  • Awarded Server of the Month six times in a nine-month span.
  • Increased average table bills by more than 8% through the use of suggestive selling.
  • Suggested options, took orders, ran food to tables and processed tickets for more than 50 tables each night.


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