Food and Restaurant

Food and Restaurant

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How to Write a Food & Restaurant Resume Honors and Awards Section

A food & restaurant resume honors and awards section usually isn’t the first thing on your mind when you sit down to work on your resume. This type of section usually appears on resumes of those just starting out or those who have more experience and want to highlight some of the achievements they had in the past. Hiring managers look at this section to see what sets you apart from other applicants.

Should You Include a Food & Restaurant Resume Honors and Awards Section

If you have a college degree and landed on the Dean’s List, you can list that under your education, but if you have other accomplishments from your time in school or in the working world, you’ll want a separate food & restaurant resume honors and awards section.

This type of section should always include a minimum of three items. The top honors those working in the food and restaurant industry should highlight include any sanitation or food serving certifications you have, whether you received any awards (such as employee of the month or trainee of the year) and any special training you might have that relate to the restaurant industry.

How to Format a Food & Restaurant Resume Honors and Awards Section

Your honors and awards section should go before the experience section. Using a bold type, place the title at the top of the section and use bullet points underneath the heading. If you received an honor for a specific year, make sure you include the year at the end of that line. You can also use two different headings to differentiate between accomplishments you didn’t list in your work experience section and the honors or awards you received.

Depending on the types of jobs you had in the restaurant industry in the past, you might find it helpful to include both an accomplishments section and an awards section like you’ll see in the following example.

Example of a Food & Restaurant Resume Honors and Awards Section

Honors and Awards

  • ServSafe Training and ServeSafe Alcohol Training Certifications
  • Management Trainee of the Year, McDonald’s Corporation, 2012
  • Employee of the Year, Blue Bell Cafe, 2014


  • Implemented a new loyalty program that increased profits by 16% in a single restaurant
  • Received secret shopper scores of more than 95% over a two-year period
  • Passed health inspection visits with a score of B or higher for three straight years
  • Reduced food costs by 11% through the use of new suppliers and vendors


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