Food and Restaurant

Food and Restaurant

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How to Write a Food & Restaurant Resume Objective

At one time, you had to know how to write a food & restaurant resume objective to make yourself competitive in the foodservice industry. This introductory part of the resume was considered the professional standard. However, experts agree that the days of the resume objective are over. The new trend du jour is the resume summary. Rather than stating the expectations of the applicant, the resume summary succinctly states his or her qualifications.

How You Used to Write a Food & Restaurant Resume Objective

Learning how to write a food & restaurant resume objective was never very difficult. It usually just included a brief description of the applicant’s qualifications along with the job they were applying for. For example:

Job objective: To obtain a position as an assistant caterer where I can use my culinary arts diploma and passion for cooking.

Job objective: To work as a sous chef in an established restaurant where I can use my cooking abilities and strong work ethic.

How to Write a Food & Restaurant Resume Summary Statement

The problem with a food & restaurant resume objective is that it tends to focus on the person writing it. Rather than stating what the applicant wants from the company, the resume summary focuses on what the job applicant can offer the company. It goes without saying that this has the potential to tremendously appeal to hiring managers. Anyone who reads it should know the applicant’s strengths and qualifications in just a few seconds.

Here are some best practices for writing a food and restaurant resume summary:

  • Know yourself and what you bring to the table. What are your most marketable strengths? What are your passions? What are the skills you most enjoy using? Be sure that all of these are somehow applicable to the job you’re applying to.
  • Know your industry. What attributes are most valued in the food and restaurant world? What would you like to see if you were the hiring manager?
  • Refine your statement. Take the information that you gathered from the first two questions and write out four to six sentences on why you’re the best person for your job. Refine your resume summary until it’s just what you want it to be.
An example of a a Food & Restaurant Resume Objective

Winner, Gran Prix, Culinary Institute of America. Head chef with eight years’ experience at a five-star restaurant in New York City. Strong organizational and supervisory abilities. Unflappable, dedicated culinary professional with experience providing excellent dining experiences for every patron.


Remember: These days it’s more valuable to know how to write a resume summary than it is to know how to write a food & restaurant resume objective. Regardless of your choice, you can build a standout, professional resume in minutes with MyPerfectResume’s Resume Builder.