Food and Restaurant

Food and Restaurant

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How to Write a Food & Restaurant Resume Skills Section

A food & restaurant resume skills section is a small section that you place near the bottom of your resume that shows some of the skills not included in other sections. Though not found on all resumes, a skills section may be included depending on the number of skills you have and the skills you picked up while working in the food and restaurant industry. Hiring managers often use this section as a way to get a broad overview of some of the skills that you bring to the table.

Should You Include a Skills Section in Your Food & Restaurant Resume

Experts have mixed reactions regarding whether you should include a food and restaurant resume skills section. Some say that you should always include a brief section that includes three to four and no more than seven or eight items as a way to show employers everything you can do on the job, but others believe that you should list those skills underneath the employment section in your resume. Using a skills list is often a good way to describe some of the experience you gained while working in different types of restaurants, including bars, pubs, nightclubs and fast food restaurants. This also lets you include keywords and phrases relevant to the industry, like offering wine pairings, doing table side service and helping clean the restaurant.

What to Include in a Food & Restaurant Resume Skills Section

Deciding what to include in a food & restaurant resume skills section can be a challenge if you developed many skills over the years. Write down a list of your most important or top skills, including soft skills and specific tasks, and then look over your resume to see which ones you didn’t include.Incorporate some of your best skills and the ones you feel most confident in or most comfortable talking about in this section, making sure they are written in short phrases without periods at the end. You might include top food and beverage skills like:
  • offering wine and drink pairings to diners
  • using upselling or suggestive selling as a way to increase the tickets on tables
  • any knowledge you have of menus and menu changes
  • side work that you were responsible for, including rolling silverware or cleaning tables
  • SafeServe and other types of restaurant certifications you have
Example of a Food & Restaurant Resume Skills Section
Looking at the following food & restaurant resume skills section can guide you on how to write one on your own.Skills
  • Regularly performed side work, including wiping down tables, running dishes to the kitchen, sweeping the floors and rolling utensils
  • Extensive knowledge of food preparation and serving safely with SafeServe certification
  • Motivated worker with expertise in menu knowledge and capable of suggesting items to diners
  • Team leading and building experience as part of a 10 waitstaff team
  • Familiar with different types of point of sale systems, including cashier systems and table top machines


A good food & restaurant resume skills section should highlight all the experience you gained in the industry over the years. Use MyPerfectResume and the online resume builder available when you need assistance writing a skills section or creating a brand new resume.