Food and Restaurant

Food and Restaurant

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How to Write a Food & Restaurant Resume Summary Statement

Using an objective section makes your resume look tired and outdated, and it may even keep employers from taking a chance on you. Instead of relying on an objective section, use a newer kind of introduction: the summary statement. A food & restaurant resume summary statement lets you sell your best assets to employers, giving them reasons why they should give you an interview.

What to Include in a Food & Restaurant Resume Summary Statement

When writing a food & restaurant resume summary statement, you should include key skills or qualifications relating to the restaurant industry. You might list the number of diners or tables served every night, whether you increased the average size of tickets sold or if you implemented any new programs or policies, such as a recycling program to cut costs or a reward program to increase profits. A restaurant resume summary should also showcase the most important skills you picked up on the job. Some other things you want to add include the following:

  • Major skills sets you’ll bring to the job
  • Any valuable personality traits or soft skills
  • An overview of your experience

How to Format a Food & Restaurant Resume Summary Statement

A summary statement must use a third person point of view and avoid using “I” statements, otherwise known as a first person point of view. Sentence fragments are all right to include. This section should go at the very top of your resume in paragraph form, just below your name and contact information. You will also want to use the word “summary” in a bold typeface just above your details. Make sure your summary statement contains four to six lines of text.

Tips for Writing a Food & Restaurant Resume Summary Statement

Are you looking for some help writing your food & restaurant resume summary statement? We provided some simple tips that can make your resume stand out at any restaurant.

  • Include a brief mention of how many years you worked in the food and restaurant industry.
  • Put the most important keywords, skills and qualifications, including your management experience or scheduling work, in the first sentence.
  • List any certifications you have, such as SafeServe certification, in this section.
  • Use the second or third sentence to explain any food jobs you had in the past, including working as a waiter, serving as a busser or time spent in the kitchen.
  • Make every line in your summary count, and avoid using general information available elsewhere in your resume.
Example of a Food & Restaurant Resume Summary Statement

Read the summary statement below to get an idea of how the summary should look on your restaurant resume.

SafeServe certified restaurant employee with seven years of experience working as a waiter, in the back of the house and as a host. Helped implement a new rewards program that increased ticket sizes by 8 percent, worked as a trainer to help new waiters adjust to the job duties and acted as a liaison between the front and back of the house. Received employee of the month awards four times.


Restaurants have dozens of positions available that include waiters, bartenders, cooks and hosts. It’s important that your food and restaurant resume grab the attention of anyone who looks at it. Use the online resume builder at MyPerfectResume for help.