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Government & Military

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How to Write a Government & Military Resume Education Section

The education section of a resume is where you’ll list any relevant academic or military experience, as would be the case with a government & military resume education section. The education section of your resume is important because it gives a hiring manager or a potential employer a clearer picture of your background beyond what you reference in other sections of your resume. It’s also an indicator of whether or not you meet the basic qualifications for the position since many jobs require a certain level of academic achievement.

What to Include in a Government & Military Resume Education Section

As a general rule, you should not reference high school education within your education section unless it is your only academic experience. If you’re currently in college, you should reference that and include relevant coursework and campus organizations.

For college references, only include your date of graduation if it’s fairly recent, with exceptions being medical or legal degrees since that information often needs to be verified. Only include GPA if you’re a recent graduate, but you can always list academic achievements such as summa cum laude. Any special training, licenses or certifications you may have you can also list in your education section if such information doesn’t warrant a separate section.

How to Format a Government & Military Resume Education Section

Format the education section with the most recent entry first and go backwards with any other relevant entries. A standard entry includes the level of the degree you earned, your major or type of degree and your date of graduation (if recent) or expected date of graduation. You’ll then list the name of the institution and the location, with city and state being sufficient.

For military references, list the branch of the military followed by your years of service and the location, which typically includes the name of the base and the city and state where it’s located. Place the education section towards the bottom of your resume below the section detailing your work experience, unless you’re a current student or recent graduate.

Example of a Government & Military Resume Education Section

Bachelor of Science, Business Administration
Mountainside School of Business – New Cityland, CA
United States Marine Corps, 2003–2007
Logistics Base – New Cityland, CA


After applying these tips to fine-tune your government & military resume education section, the next step is to fit this section into the rest of your resume to present a detailed summary of your qualifications and potential as a new hire to a prospective employer. If you need some help accomplishing this goal, feel free to use MyPerfectResume’s Resume Builder tool to create a professional, eye-catching resume in a matter of minutes.