Government & Military

Government & Military

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How to Write a Government & Military Resume Honors and Awards Section

An honors and awards section can go a long way to proving yourself to employers. This is made up of all those great things you did over your career, but the section doesn’t always make an appearance on resumes. It needs to meet certain requirements, but if you can add it, it showcases your achievements separately from the rest of your experience to be read at a glance. See if you meet these requirements for a government & military resume honors and awards section.

Should You Include a Government & Military Resume Honors and Awards Section

Whether or not you should include an honors and awards section on your resume really depends on what honors and awards you have. For instance, if you only have one award, taking up an entire section would be less prudent than simply mentioning it in the skills or experience section.

However, if you have a list of achievements that run longer than three bullet points and would further highlight your proven performance in the industry, then it deserves its own dedicated area. Things you can add include government or military promotions, memberships, awards, honors and notable mentions, which would all add value to this section.

If there are less than three items, but they are still notable, place them with the job they pertain to or in the skills or education section, depending on what category they best fit into. Note that you should never include general duties or personal statements in this area.

How to Format a Government & Military Resume Honors and Awards Section

On your resume, the government & military resume honors and awards section comes just before the experience section. As you list each point, remember to focus on only things that are relevant to the job you want and things that are notable. In addition, order the honors and awards based on relevance rather than date earned. The actual format can vary widely based on the overall structure of your resume.

The header should be formatted in the same fashion as all the other headers. The list itself should be bulleted, and each line should pertain to one award or honor. Be sure to include what the commendation is traditionally known as, the company or organization it came from, and the date it was earned.

Example of a Government & Military Resume Honors and Awards Section
  • Outstanding Civilian Service Award (2003)
  • Commander’s Award for Public Service (2003)
  • Medal of Honor (2005)
  • Distinguished Service Medal (U.S. Army) (2012)
  • Army Good Conduct Medal (2007)


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