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Government & Military

Government & Military

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How to Write a Government & Military Resume Objective

The government and military sectors are huge employers in every economy. While still viable, the government & military resume objective has taken a few hits as its relevance has been brought into question. These days, the resume summary statement is much preferred because it tells hiring managers what the applicant brings to the table, rather than what he or she hopes to get.

How You Used to Write a Government & Military Resume Objective

Writing a government & military resume objective is usually pretty simple because they tend to be little more than declarations of intent to get the jobs you’re applying for. The greatest complaint about the resume objective is that candidates have a tendency to use them simply to announce they’re looking for a job or a promotion in a “fast-paced” or “growing” environment, almost never touching on what an employer is looking for.

If you’re going to use a government & military resume objective, examine the following samples to get an idea of how to make them stand out.

Sample #1
Senior Graphic Arts Designer who has shaped the online profile of unique government departments in three states seeks opportunity to apply extensive skills, including five years with the Arizona Department of Parks and Recreation’s Public Affairs and Marketing Division, to support the visual communication objectives of a dynamic design department.

Sample #2
Aviation Maintenance Technician with military background desires position involving servicing of aircraft, ground handling, routine aircraft inspection, repair and maintenance. Have served as Flight Engineer, Load Master, Drop Master, Helicopter Hoist Operator, Emergency Medical Technician and more. Also capable of managing aviation-related administrative duties and aircrew tasks.

How to Write a Government & military resume summary statement

A resume summary statement is about highlighting experiences, characteristics and skills that are appropriate to target jobs, hitting all the points a hiring manager is looking for. It demonstrates how your talents fit industry and company needs, and, if applicable, the intersection you have in mind. it’s not just an excellent tool for telling potential employers what you have to offer. The summary statement forces you to define a clear sense of what you bring to the table. This can be influential in not just the way you sell yourself in the resume, but in the way you interview, network and create your online persona.

An example of a Government & Military Resume Objective
  • APICS Certified (March 2010)
  • Award-winning instructor and presenter.
  • Author of training materials and articles about emergency medical services.
  • History spans clerical, administrative and in-the-field titles.


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