Government & Military

Government & Military

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How to Write a Government & Military Resume Summary Statement

Traditionally, a resume lead with an objective statement. The trend, however, became obsolete as it only told employers that you wanted a job, which is something they already knew. It has developed into something a little different: the summary. The government & military resume summary is a concise, short paragraph that quickly pitches your best traits to the hiring manager.

What to Include in a Government & Military Resume Summary Statement

In a resume summary, the information you provide should highlight those relevant traits and experiences that are looked highly upon.

  • When you list your beneficial traits, think about including things such as attention to detail, self-motivation and high determination.
  • If you’ve worked jobs outside of the government and military, be sure to highlight skills that you learned during these jobs that would serve this new job well.
  • Your few expertise examples should mirror the type of job you want to land.

Remember that your summary statement will look very different from all others because your past experiences have been just as varied.

How to Format a Government & Military Resume Summary Statement

Start this paragraph directly below your contact information but above everything else. It should only run four to six lines as a way to keep it short and focused. Avoid use of the first person and embrace sentence fragments. Include major skills sets, only two or three, that are relevant to the job you want.

Provide the reader with an overview of your career, including how long you’ve worked and what relevant positions you’ve held. Don’t shy away from relevant and valuable personality traits or soft skills that you can bring with you to a new job.

Tips for Writing a Government & Military Resume Summary Statement

As you start to write a Government & Military resume summary, there are some important things to consider.

  • Read over your statement pretending to be the hiring manager. Is it interesting enough? Would you contact this person? If not, figure out why it’s not engaging and rewrite it.
  • Write a summary statement with no word limit. Fill it up with everything you think is important. After this, read through it and start cutting away the unessential facts until you’re left with a concise representation of your abilities.
  • Include only those skills and traits you enjoy using. If you fill your summary with nothing but things you hate to do, you’ll be placed in jobs that you will hate to do.
  • When you choose the examples of your expertise, make sure they highlight the skills you’ve already listed. While you’ve no doubt accomplished a number of things in your life, you should only include those few moments that prove you can put your listed skills to good use.
  • Know your audience. Beyond the hiring manager, what is the company looking for in an ideal candidate. Use your resume to become that person in order to grab their attention.
Example of a Government & Military Resume Summary Statement

Decorated infantry specialist with over 30 years of experience conducting, designing and leading combat operations abroad. Highly disciplined, respectful and respected by all. Regularly praised for leadership acumen. Led five successful tours overseas resulting in capture of strategic entry points for the United States. Seeking rank advancement.


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