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How to Write a Healthcare Resume Honors and Awards Section

Close to the top of your resume, you have the opportunity to showcase your great achievements you’ve collected over the years in a healthcare resume honors and awards section. This isn’t for every resume, and it must follow certain conditions, but if you are able to add an awards section, it’s great for catching the eyes of hiring managers. Check out if you have what you need to make a separate section for your accomplishments.

Should You Include a Healthcare Resume Honors and Awards Section

There are only a couple conditions that you should check off before making a healthcare resume honors and awards section on your resume. This section needs at least three items, and they should all be notable and/or measureable, such as metric data. If you increased savings through an inventory tracking system, then this would be a great item to include. If you have only one or two items, these can be placed with the job it pertains to in the experience section.

When coming up with accomplishments, it’s important to note that general duties, skills, and things like this shouldn’t be included. Awards, major promotions, honors, publications, metric data, and supervisory experience should be the only kind of things included here. For instance, if you were routinely awards employee of the month awards, oversaw a team of 10, and increased efficiency by 12 percent, then you should add this section to your resume.

How to Format a Healthcare Resume Honors and Awards Section

Formatting begins with consistency. Keep the same header and section formatting that you’re using throughout your resume. This should be placed above your experience section with its own header. Below the header, place your three or more items in a bullet list. Include all important years, company or organization names, and the accomplishment itself.

Example of a Healthcare Resume Honors and Awards Section
  • Awarded the Nursing Exemplar Award by Cherry Memorial Hospital for demonstrating confidence and compassion to the nursing profession in March 2015
  • Published “Nursing Heals Us All” article in Nursing Journal in January of 2014
  • Richard D. Roberts Four-year Academic Scholarship 2008-2012


If you can take advantage of a healthcare resume honors and awards section with three or more notable items, do so because it can mean the difference between landing a job and searching again. If you want expert guidance, take advantage of MyPerfectResume’s Resume Builder to create a standout resume in just minutes of your busy day.