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How to Write a Healthcare Resume Objective

At one time, it was important to know how to write a healthcare resume objective if you wanted to get a good job in healthcare. This part of the resume was considered the professional standard. However, it is largely accepted that resume objectives have gone out of style. The new trend is writing a resume summary statement. Rather than stating the expectations of the applicant, the summary statement neatly sums up the qualifications of the person applying.

How You Used to Write a Healthcare Resume Objective

In the past, you would have been expected to include a resume objective, which would have involved writing a short statement that focused on you and your goals as a job candidate. The healthcare resume objective usually states the applicant’s qualifications and what job they’re applying for, but it could also simply state the job title.
For example:

Job objective: To apply my eight years of nursing experience and five years of midwife experience to a nursing position in the pediatric intensive care unit.

Job objective: To obtain a position as an obstetrician.

How to Write a Healthcare Resume Summary Statement

By contrast with a healthcare resume objective, a resume summary focuses on what the applicant can offer the company they’re applying to. The summary highlights the strengths most relevant to your field to really sell you to the hiring manager. Aim for four to six sentences that explain how you can best solve problems for the company. What makes you the best fit for their needs?

Example of a Healthcare Resume Objective

Accomplished healthcare administration professional with experience planning, directing, and coordinating medical services for one of the largest hospitals in the country. Dynamic professional who continually stays cognizant of laws, technology, and regulations affecting healthcare. Strong, award-winning leadership capabilities. Focused and dedicated to delivering high quality service to patients.


A resume summary is a great way to modernize your application. Whether you choose that format or opt for a healthcare resume objective, use MyPerfectResume’s Resume Builder to create a standout, professional resume in minutes.