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How to Write a Healthcare Resume References Section

Listing professional references on your resume provides hiring managers with a list of individuals they can contact to learn more about your past work. This generally isn’t a good idea because those supervisors and former employers can really only legally say that you worked there and the dates you worked. However, here are some times when you should include some professional references in a healthcare resume, especially if the job description specifically calls for them.

When Should You Include Professional References in a Healthcare Resume

You should include professional references in a healthcare resume when the job you apply for specifically ask for one or more references. Some prefer using testimonials, which are short paragraphs or short reviews that come from those with whom they worked in the past. You should only include references you obtained permission to use and only if you feel confident letting that individual speak for or about you.

How to Include Professional References in a Healthcare Resume

If you do include professional references in a healthcare resume, you should put those references at the very bottom of the page. You can also move those references to a separate page that you include with your resume. This section will include “Professional References” in a bold type at the start of the page. When listing a reference, include the individual’s name, job title, company name, address, a phone number and email address, and make sure you list the type of phone number you included, such as an office or cell phone number. If the job posting does not require any references, do not include a line at the bottom of the resume that you will furnish references upon request.

Example of Professional References in a Healthcare Resume

The best way to include professional references in a healthcare resume are as follows. Use this example to see how to format each name you include:
Professional References
John Doe, Director of Operations
New Cityland Healthcare Alliance
123 Sixth Street
New Cityland, CA 55555
(555) 555-5555 (office)

Tips for Providing Professional References in a Healthcare Resume

Use the provided tips when writing a professional references section in a healthcare resume:

  • Ask for permission before listing anyone on your resume
  • Make sure that the references you choose have familiarity with your work and will speak positively about you
  • Include more than one contact number for those who are often away from the office
  • Only list those who you worked with within the healthcare industry
  • Use references who have professional experience with your work, including doctors, head nurses, operations managers and direct supervisors


While a section for references in a healthcare resume isn’t always required, most jobs do require a resume that includes work experiences, an education section and other key bits of information. With the resources available at MyPerfectResume, you can turn to the online resume builder to make a healthcare resume before applying for positions as a nurse, doctor or manager.