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How to Write a Healthcare Resume Skills Section

The skills section of a resume is a listing of your abilities specific to the job you’re applying for. A skills section can be helpful if you have a good mix of skills that includes unique abilities beyond what’s expected. However, it’s not always necessary to include it since there are many factors to consider when assembling your resume.

Should You Include a Skills Section in Your Healthcare Resume

You should include a healthcare resume skills section if you can focus on accomplishments beyond what’s required. For instance, if you’re seeking an entry-level position with only the basic skills for that job, you can make better use of the space on your resume to sell yourself in other ways. Should you have job-related skills the typical applicant seeking that position may not have, which is entirely possible with some healthcare jobs, then it makes sense to list those abilities.

What to Include in a Healthcare Resume Skills Section

A healthcare resume skills section, written in short phrases without periods for easy readability, should include a mix of no more than 7–8 skills specific to the position, preferably what you know the employer is looking for if you’ve done your homework on the job first.

Transferable skills show how you would likely interact with patients and staff. Adaptive, yet often highly subjective, skills reflect key personality traits, such as being responsible or highly productive and disciplined. The top five skills important to the healthcare industry that should be referenced within your healthcare resume skills section include:

  • Job-specific Skills: This includes any special skills you may have specific to the position, which makes these especially important to a hiring manager scanning your resume.
  • Medical Terminology: This includes general medical terms and any terminology unique to your particular field.
  • Budget Development and Tracking: For the healthcare industry, this often includes skills specific to medical billing and coding.
  • Technical Proficiency: This includes knowledge of database operations specific to what’s currently used in the industry.
  • People Skills: This refers to any skills that indicate how you would likely interact with patients and physicians.
Example of a Healthcare Resume Skills Section
  • Gastrointestinal disorder diagnostic, therapeutic and treatment experience
  • Medical and pharmaceutical terminology
  • Medical coding and billing specific to the ACA
  • Reporting, charting and general patient documentation
  • Interpersonal skills, including conflict resolution


Now that you have a better understanding of how to present the skills section of a healthcare resume, the next step is to use your newfound insights to present a completed resume likely to make a good first impression on a potential employer. If you need some guidance putting everything together into a clear presentation of your value as new employee, MyPerfectResume’s Resume Builder can help you create an effective resume in minutes.