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How to Write a Healthcare Resume Summary Statement

Whether you are a doctor, nurse or even an orderly, you probably wrote a resume in the past that included an objective section. The objective statement is now so outdated that including one may make hiring managers flip right past your resume. A better option is a healthcare resume summary statement that sells your best attributes to employers by conveying what experience and skills you have rather than your goals for the future. 

What to Include in a Healthcare Resume Summary Statement

The first time you write a healthcare resume summary statement, you might have a hard time determining what to include. it’s key to include a few major skill sets, soft skills or personality traits that are relevant to the job you want, and a brief overview of your employment history.

This is your chance to inform employers of the detailed schedules you made as a nursing manager or how you maintained professional relationships with more than 50 patients as a doctor. Other things you may want to put in a healthcare summary may include the following:

  • Licenses or credentials you hold
  • The type of medicine you practice
  • Memberships of any professional organizations
  • Experience in clinics, independent offices or major hospitals
  • Experience in patient assessment and other fields Build My Resume

    How to Format a Healthcare Resume Summary Statement

    One of the best reasons to include a summary statement on your resume is that it provides important information in a small area. You can format and add this four to six line section to an existing resume or a revised resume in just a few minutes. Just below your name, format this section the same as the other parts of your resume. Be sure to put all text in paragraph format and remove all first person pronouns. Sentence fragments are acceptable. 

    Tips for Writing a Healthcare Resume Summary Statement

    Thousands of students graduate from medical school and nursing programs every year, which is why you need to ensure that your resume includes everything you want employers to know about you. Use some simple tips when it comes to writing a summary statement:
  • Think of the summary as a narrative that makes those reading want to learn as much as possible about you.
  • List any degrees, special training or certifications that you have in the opening sentence.
  • Use the second sentence to show off any awards or honors you received.
  • Include two to three skills in the last sentence that show your healthcare experience, including scheduling of workers or patient assessment.
  • Make sure that everything you place in the summary section features in somewhere else on your resume. Your summary statement will vary from others as your experience and skills vary, too. 

    Example of a Healthcare Resume Summary Statement

    Licensed registered nurse with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and CPR certification from the Red Cross. Employee of the month winner for four straight months and recipient of the highest outgoing reviews from patients in the hospital’s history. Previous experience in scheduling nurses and other medical professionals on the floor, assessing the needs of new patients and sending billing information to the proper department.Build My Resume


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