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How to Write a Healthcare Resume Work Experience Section

What would a resume be without work experience? This section gives hiring managers a complete picture of what you would bring to their operation. Knowing how to write a healthcare resume work experience section is essential to making your resume professional and competitive.

What to Include in a Healthcare Resume Work Experience Section

When writing this section, only include work experience that applies directly to the job you’re interested in. For example, if you’re applying for a position as a pediatric nurse, you don’t need to include your part-time job as an interior designer. In general, you shouldn’t go back more than 20 years. Also, try to list accomplishments instead of just listing duties. For example, a pediatric nurse could explain how he or she improved the efficiency of the med-surge floor rather than simply listing day-to-day duties.

How to Format a Healthcare Resume Work Experience Section

List your job title on the first line, and follow with the name and location of the company and then your start and end date. You can use the month and year or just the month, but keep the date format consistent throughout your resume. Do not include street addresses, names of supervisors or any personal information, and be sure to start with your current or most recent position.

Rather than writing out a full paragraph, organization your information by using 5-8 bullet points that detail your accomplishments and duties. Start each bullet with a strong action verb that highlights your achievements, and be sure to use quantifiable metrics wherever possible.

Use the following example when creating your healthcare resume work experience section. Remember to use present tense for current jobs and past tense for positions that you no longer hold.

Example of a Healthcare Resume Work Experience Section

Admission Nurse
Mayville General Hospital, Mayville, WA
May 2010 to Present

  • Cooperate with physicians and nursing staff to schedule admissions and discharges of patients.
  • Record applicable medical orders for each patient checking into the hospital.
  • Order, take and maintain inventory of medical supplies and equipment.
  • Received formal recognition from head nurse for efficiency and attentiveness to patients.
  • Update patient insurance information.

Admission Nurse
Synergy Medical Hospital, Seattle, WA
July 2006 to May 2010

  • Ensured patient compliance with hospital’s admissions policies.
  • Suggested and implemented improvements to patient information collection system.
  • Improved patient admission time by 40%.
  • Scheduled appointments for patient medical tests, including blood work, x-rays and vitals.
  • Coordinated pre-operative lab work for patients.
  • Kept accurate records of patient medical histories.
  • Developed and implemented nursing care schedules.


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