Hotel and Hospitality

Hotel and Hospitality

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How to Write a Hotel & Hospitality Resume Education Section

As the number of workers entering the hotel and hospitality industry grows, employers look for applicants who have both experience and a high level of education. If you want to work in management positions, you need a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. A standalone hotel & hospitality resume education section shows hiring managers that you have a degree, accomplishments and other experience you gained while in college.

What to Include in a Hotel & Hospitality Resume Education Section

A hotel & hospitality resume education section is the best place to put any certificates you earned in college, including CPR and first aid certifications. This is also where you want to put your graduation date and GPA if you’re a recent graduate, any related minors you completed and if you finished any separate programs offered by the university, such as a certificate program in specialized operations. If you are still working on a degree, you can put a mention of when you will graduate. If you do not have a degree, you can use your high school diploma or make mention of the GED you earned. Think of what hiring managers look for in candidates when deciding what to use in your education section.

How to Format a Hotel & Hospitality Resume Education Section

Place the section after your work experience, unless you’ve recently graduated or are still in school, and start the section with Education in bold to show employers what this section is about. Let them know what you studied with the name of your degree and major in the first line, and then put the location and name of the school in the next line to show them where you studied. Putting a series of three to five bullet points below those lines helps you list specific pieces of information you want managers to know about you, including any additional certifications or training you obtained and if you minored in any similar fields such as culinary arts or restaurant management. If you have multiple degrees, begin with the most recent one and work your way backwards until each one is listed.

Example of a Hotel & Hospitality Resume Education Section

See how to format your education section and some of the details you should include below.

  • Bachelor of Science-Hotel & Lodging Management
    University of New Cityland, New Cityland, CA
  • Obtained First Aid and CPR Certification through the American Red Cross
  • Earned certificate in bed and breakfast operations
  • Graduated magna cum laude
  • Completed minors in restaurant management and bakery management


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