Hotel and Hospitality

Hotel and Hospitality

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How to Write a Hotel & Hospitality Resume References Section

Professional references are individuals you put on your resume that worked above you or with you on former jobs. While you might think that you must include a list of one or more references, you generally do not need to include any references on modern resumes. Employers will let you know upfront if you should include professional references in a hotel & hospitality resume or if you should submit names and contact information later.

When Should You Include Professional References in a Hotel & Hospitality Resume

The only time that you must include professional references in a hotel & hospitality resume is when you apply for a job that specifically states you must supply references. You may want to include a short list when you have top names in the industry who will speak on your behalf or if you have gaps in your job history. Those references may speak in such glowing terms that hiring managers will ignore those gaps. Another good reason to list some references is when your resume runs short and you have space to fill on the page.

New workers who just graduated from college can include references as a way to show potential employers that they do have some experience, even if it’s not in the working world.

How to Include Professional References in a Hotel & Hospitality Resume

Whether writing a hotel & hospitality resume or a resume for any other type of job, your references section should always go at the very bottom of the page. You should identify the section with “Professional References” or “References List” at the top. Information you list about each reference should include an email address, phone number, office address, company name, individual’s name and job title. You can list more than one number as well. It is not necessary to list “References Available Upon Request” on your resume, since this is generally assumed and only wastes space.

Example of Professional References in a Hotel & Hospitality Resume

A great example of a hotel & hospitality professional references section that you can use on your resume, including the formatting and type of content to use, is as follows. Use the same type of formatting for all references you include.Reference ListJudy Smith, Regional ManagerMotel 8 of California123 Ninth StreetNew Cityland, CA 45454(555) 123-4567 (cell)

Tips for Providing Professional References in a Hotel & Hospitality Resume

When providing hiring managers with a list of professional references, you can rely on some basic tips, including the following:

  • Consider submitting your references on a page that is separate from your resume
  • Use parenthesis after the phone number to indicate the type of number you listed
  • List a minimum of one individual but no more than four people in your references section
  • Include an office number and a cell number for professionals who spend a lot of time walking through the hotel or working outside of a standard office
  • Find acceptable references within your industry, including hotel operations managers, front desk supervisors, event space owners and scheduling managers


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