Hotel and Hospitality

Hotel and Hospitality

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How to Write a Hotel & Hospitality Resume Work Experience Section

The hospitality industry includes a number of different jobs ranging from hotel front desk clerk to restaurant server and bartender. You can showcase your experience in similar roles using a hotel & hospitality resume work experience section. This part of your resume shows hiring managers that you have the experience and skills necessary to provide excellent customer service.

What to Include in a Hotel & Hospitality Resume Work Experience Section

You should focus on your three most recent jobs and list your hotel & hospitality resume work experience section in reverse chronological order. As a general rule, avoid going back further than 15 or 20 years. You should also focus on actual figures and what accomplishments you received on the job instead of just making a long list of all of your duties. Include quantifiable metrics wherever possible, such as how many rooms you managed, how much upselling you did or specific benchmarks you helped your hotel achieve. Try to use action verbs instead of generic phrases, so hiring manager can get an idea of how you address problems and respond to stressful situations.

How to Format a Hotel & Hospitality Resume Work Experience Section

After titling your hotel & hospitality resume work experience section, you’ll need two key lines of information. The first line shows your job title and the dates you worked, including the month and year, while the second line should state the name of your employer and the location where you worked. This is especially important if you worked for a large chain with multiple locations across the country. When it comes to listing your accomplishments or duties, use between five and eight bullet points rather than writing out a paragraph. Bullets help managers scan your resume more quickly while still getting the crucial details. Finally, be sure to use present tense when discussing your current position and past tense for all previous jobs.

Example of a Hotel & Hospitality Resume Work Experience Section

Use the following hotel & hospitality resume work experience section sample as a template for your own resume.

Work Experience
Front Desk Clerk, March 2010 to November 2015
Studio 8 Hotel-New Cityland, CA

  • Greeted all incoming and current guests with a smile.
  • Coordinated with housekeeping, maintenance and other departments to ensure the happiness of more than 100 guests every night.
  • Assisted management with walk-through checks.
  • Informed guests about the hotel’s loyalty program and added more than 200 guests to the program within a six month time period.
  • Helped schedule shifts for more than 50 employees on a weekly basis.
  • Performed daily audit and changeover.


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