Hotel and Hospitality

Hotel and Hospitality

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How to Write a Hotel & Hospitality Resume Summary Statement

A resume summary statement serves as a new method of getting your point across and showing employers a condensed version of your resume. It should highlight all the key skills you gained on the job and the experience you have. A hotel & hospitality resume summary statement acts as a replacement for the objective section resumes featured in the past.

What to Include in a Hotel & Hospitality Resume Summary Statement

A summary statement is essentially a summary of your resume that employers will read to determine whether or not to look at the rest of the resume. You need to make it clear to new employers that you can handle all the duties of the job. That is why you might include skills relating to guest satisfaction and client relations. A hospitality resume statement will vary based on your work experience, but may include:
  • Any honors or awards you received from AAA and other tourism organizations
  • Your current job title, e.g. bar manager, front desk clerk or catering manager
  • Number of diners, guests or customers you worked with on an average day
  • Knowledge of health codes and city/state regulations the facility followed
  • Customer service and presentation skills

How to Format a Hotel & Hospitality Resume Summary Statement

Though a summary statement shares little in common with an objective section, both use the same type of formatting, which makes it easy for you to swap out your old objective section with a new summary statement. You should always include “summary” at the top of the section in bold and list your summary below. The best summaries are those that include pertinent information in three to five sentences (four to six lines). Although you need to write it as a paragraph, you can use sentence fragments to avoid using first person.

Tips for Writing a Hotel & Hospitality Resume Summary Statement

Make sure that your summary statement contains everything you need and that you don’t make any mistakes. Use some simple tips when you sit down at your computer.
  • Put the most important information that you want employers to focus on in the opening sentence.
  • Use your current or most recent job title in the first sentence but make mention of previous jobs you held, including those as a server, bartender or clerk.
  • Give hiring managers exact figures whenever possible, including the size of a hotel or the number of employees who worked under you.
  • Let employers know if you have CPR certification, a food safety certificate or any other type of certification.
  • Include any knowledge you have regarding the operations of specific departments like the bar, restaurant or front desk.
  • Remember to include relevant personality traits and soft skills.
Example of a Hotel & Hospitality Resume Summary Statement
Outgoing and friendly front desk manager with a keen eye for details and the ability to make any guest feel completely at ease. Responsible for scheduling hotel, restaurant and bar shifts; handling the scheduling software to check guests in and out; and ensuring that employees received recognition for their work. Skilled at handling problem guests and finding ways to increase the satisfaction of all customers.


A hotel & hospitality resume summary statement is basically a smaller and more condensed version of your resume. When you need help writing this section or with your total resume, use the resume builder available online at MyPerfectResume.